Does the New Trailer for Good Omens Contain Release Date Clues?

By January 24, 2019 Adaptations, News, Television

So the new trailer for the television adaptation of Good Omens is here, and according to co-author Neil Gaiman, it contains clues to the release date of the show. As yet all that has been announced is that it will be released in the spring, and the trailer concurs, but Gaiman promises a hidden message.

The trailer is just mostly scrolling explanatory text that explains the apocalyptic plot, can you find the hidden clues? Here it is.

When Neil was asked on Twitter when the release date would be, here’s what he replied

People on Twitter tried to guess but the best guess was that Doomsday is a metaphor for Brexit, which would mean it would be released on Friday 29thMarch. While that does tie in with the idea of a spring release, we’re not sure we’re sold on that theory.

I’ve watched the video through seven times and have no idea at all when the release date might be, but am I excited?

Neil also confirmed that the trippy circus music playing right through the trailer is actually the theme for the show, so there’s something else we know now.

~ goes to listen on repeat until it’s finally on air ~

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