Hip-Hop version of Romeo and Juliet Coming from Netflix

By May 22, 2019 Adaptations, News

Romeo and Juliet has seen quite a few adaptations over the years, some traditional, and some, like Baz Luhrman’s famous 1996 adaptation have been a little more offbeat. Now, Netflix has announced that they are adapting the Shakespeare play with a hip-hop influenced spin.

The new adaptation will be created for Netflix by Solvan “Slick” Naim, and produced by Will Smith. The adaptation is being billed as a contemporary musical film and will be set in the hustle and bustle of the streets of New York.

The love story will follow a waitress from Brooklyn and an up-and-coming musician from a wealthy family. The pair, like the original Romeo and Juliet, will be kept apart by their families’ different social standings.

The adaptation will be a movie rather than a series and is written by Solven “Slick” Naim and Dave Broome. Naim will also direct the new movie and 25/7 Productions and Shakim Compere, with Flavor Unit Entertainment will be co-producing. Will Smith, though his Overbrook Entertainment company will be one of the executive producers with others yet to be named.

There’s no release date yet for the adaptation, which is yet to go into production but we’ll keep you abreast of all the news as it breaks.

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