Howards End Comes To The BBC

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E.M. Forster‘s masterpiece Howards End (1910) has been adapted for television once more.

Forster is known for his commentary on social class and hypocrisies, and examining such with wit and intelligence. Howards End in particular places a magnifying glass on three families of varying classes at the beginning of the 20th century. In the novel the half-German Schlegel sisters look to help the impoverished Basts while also working with the rich Wilcoxes to rid them of their ingrained prejudices.

Howards End has been adapted for television once before as the BBC’s Play of the Month series in 1970 with Glenda Jackson. Much later, in 1992 actress Emma Thompson won an Academy Award for her role in the film remake of the novel, which also starred Helena Bonham-Carter (left), and Vanessa Redgrave.

Howards End has inspired two homages to the original story- one opera setting the story in 1950s Boston, USA, and a novel by Zadie Smith called On Beauty (2005). 

Howards End began on BBC One November 12th at 9pm. The latest adaptation stars Marvel actress Hayley Atwell as Margaret Schlegel, Matthew Macfadyen (of 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie fame) as Henry Wilcox, comedian and actress Tracey Ullman as Aunt Juley Mund. Adapted by Kenneth Lonergan and directed by Hettie Macdonald, it has already had positive reviews- one of which calling it “Downton Abbey for grown ups”. 

Some are quite rightly wondering whether we need another period series, full of nicely fitted bodices and handsome men in suits. The answer is, yes. Howards End is not just a romantic Edwardian drama. The focus is not on love and sex between the classes but ideas, and more importantly ideas of women. Class, capitalism, and gender, are still at the forefront of our modern lives and Howards End manages to still speak to us on an significant level.

With the help of an ever-more interconnected world, modern discourse has opened up to gender, class, and equality more than ever. With Brexit, the apparent rise of fascism and white supremacy in the West, and openly evolving ideas about gender and sexuality, Howards End seems the perfect adaptation to fit the current climate.

Hayley Atwell speaks of her role in the new Howards End adaptation.

Carey Mulligan, Andy Serkis, Daniel Kaluuya, and Martin Freeman Join the cast of ‘A Christmas Carol’ Movie

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Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is one of the moat beloved books of all time, and it’s not hard to see why. The book reminds us that the true meaning of Christmas is not about presents or delicious food, but rather, goodwill to your neighbours, even those as cantankerous as Scrooge. The novel has been adapted into countless forms of media, from films, TV shows, and even graphic novels, and now a new film adaptation is on the horizon.

As reported by Screen Daily, Saboteur Media gained worldwide rights for the project and is currently being pitched to buyers after the film wrapped in August. The story will take a new look at the classic story and begins with a Victorian family preparing a toy stage in order to do a production of A Christmas Carol. We then see the story through the eyes of a young viewer, as the cardboard sets and toys are transformed into a fantastic and vivid tale.
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The Second Trailer for Mortal Engines Adaptations is Here

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If you didn’t already know, Philip Reeves’ Mortal Engines is coming to the big screen. We brought you the original news as soon as we heard about it, and a few months ago the first teaser trailer followed, and now trailer two is here!

There’s no doubt we’re depleting the world’s resources and in Mortal Engines, Reeves imagines a world where we all have to resort to rolling cities, forced into predatory behaviour as they crawl the world fighting to survive.

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‘Good Omens’ Official Trailer Released

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Last year, it was announced that Amazon had begun work on an adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s hit 1990 book Good Omens, which tells the story of a demon named Crowley and an angel named Aziraphale who work together in order to prevent the Rapture. It was later revealed, much to the delight of fans, that David Tennant had been cast as Crowley and Michael Sheen was to be Aziraphale. Read More

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween trailer is here!

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Goosebumps has been a hit with tweens and teens since the 1990s with 62 books published between 1992 to 1997. R. L. Stine characterises his books as ‘scary books that are also funny’, giving kids the chance to feel that thrill of relief after being freaked out.

After the surprising success of the first Goosebumps movie, starring Jack Black as Stine himself, this sequel looks to continue the fun and freaky mix of scary and silly. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween will star Madison Iseman, Ken Jeong, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Caleel Harris.

Jack Black is rumoured to return as the voice of one of the haunted book characters come to life!

Check out the trailer below, and watch out for the movie’s release mid-October.

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Madeline Miller’s ‘Circe’ Is Being Optioned for Television

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Published earlier this year, Madeline Miller’s Circe tells the story of a lesser Greek God named Circe, the daughter of the mighty sun God Helios. However, unlike her father, Circe possesses no great powers, nor is she devastatingly alluring like her mother. Upon seeking solace in the world of mortals, Circe discovers that she does have power, the power of witchcraft, which may eventually rival the Gods of Mount Olympus.
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Lethal White Adaptation Already in the Works

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If you’ve already watched the recent adaptations of the Cormoran Strike novels on the BBC then you’ve had a real treat, and now it’s announced that the adaptation of the recently released Lethal White is already in the works!

The adaptations have been fantastic and both Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger have exceeded expectations in the leading roles. Read More

Amazon Signs Deal to Adapt Wheel of Time Epic

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Game of Thrones is coming to a natural end and everyone will have a huge fantasy shaped hole in their lives. Thankfully, the news reaching us today is that Amazon has given the green light to a deal to see an adaptation of Robert Jordan’s fantasy epic The Wheel of Time brought to the screen for an epic fantasy series.

It looks like the deal is done and Wheel of Time is heading to Amazon Studios, and is likely to be as big an epic as the recent HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones. This week on Twitter Rafe Judkins who produced ABC’s Agents of Shield and Netflix’s Hemlock Grove confirmed he would write and act as showrunner for the series, but there’s no news yet as to when it might go into production.
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