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Word of the Day – Frangible

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Frangible (adj)


Able to be broken into fragments; brittle or fragile.

Late Middle English: from Old French, or from medieval Latin frangibilis, from Latin frangere ‘to break’.

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Word of the Day – Groggy

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Groggy (adj)


Dazed, weak, or unsteady, especially from illness, intoxication, sleep, or a blow.

Similar to a hangover from the alcoholic drink grog. The word grog comes from “Old Grog,” which was the nickname sailors gave to Admiral Vernon, the commander in chief of the West Indies.

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For Reading Addicts 2019 Reading Challenge

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Another New Year, Another New Challenge.

How did you get on with our 2018 challenge? Did you finish it? Did you even start? If not why not?

For 2019 we decided to do something a little different. Each month you pick a book, any book, by an author who is born that month. Easy!

I’ll ask for suggestions on the Cwts Club Discussion Group, but you can pick any author born in that month off your TBR pile, or try someone new!

I’ve started you off here with a couple of ideas for each month.

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Word of the Day – Scabrous

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Scabrous (adj)


Rough and covered with, or as if with, scabs./Unpleasant unattractive.
Indecent; salacious.

Late 16th century (first used to describe an author’s style as ‘harsh, unmusical, unpolished’): from French scabreux or late Latin scabrosus, from Latin scaber ‘rough’.

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