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The Specsavers National Book Awards 2018

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The Specsavers National Book Awards is an annual award, recognising books across a variety of categories. Each year winners are announced in several categories including popular fiction, crime, autobiography, food and others.

This week the 2018 winners were announced and it’s a pretty exciting list! The overall winner is Adam Kay for his book listed below, all the category winners can also be found on the list below.

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The Bestselling Books of the Last One Hundred Years: 1926

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We promised you the best selling fiction of the last one hundred years and we’re up to 1926 now and making great headway. That said, we’ll be a while on this one, we’re a month in and we haven’t even managed 1918-1928 yet!

Already we can see some hot authors and trends appearing and while you may not be familiar with some of the names, we’re expecting some well known contemporary authors to lead the lists later on.

But today, we have the ten top selling books of 1926!

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Word of the Day – Batik

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Batik (noun)


A method (originally used in Java) of producing coloured designs on textiles by dyeing them, having first applied wax to the parts to be left undyed./Cloth dyed using the Batik method.

Late 19th century: from Javanese, literally ‘painted’.

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Indie Bookshop Numbers Rise for a Second Year

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The Booksellers Association has some great news for British bookworms as they report a second consecutive year of growth for independent bookshops. Fifteen new bookshops joined the trade body in 2018 putting the numbers up to 883 independents last year.

It’s a significant increase, especially as it’s the second year running numbers have increased, as it shows the first increase after years of decline for the book selling industry. The new members include 12 shops that opened during 2018 and three others which had opened previously but have only just joined the Booksellers Association in the last year.
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The Feminist Library to Open in Peckham After Crowdfunding Success

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The Feminist Library will celebrate its 44th birthday in March, and now that date will be the start of an exciting time for the library as the date also signifies the day that the library will move to Peckham after Crowdfunding success.

The library staff have spoken of their relief at raising £35,000 for its move to Peckham and the provisional opening date for the new library is 14th March. It was October when the Feminist Library launched a crowdfunding campaign for its relocation to a community centre in Peckham after being based in Westminster for the last thirty years.

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