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‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ trailers and poster released!

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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is a collection of creepy folk tales collected and retold by Alvin Schwartz, and is very popular among both children and adults. The full collection consists of three books full of creepy tales, and creepier images by Stephen Gammell.

Last year we told you the movie adaptation was in the pipeline- this is very exciting news for horror fans, and fans of the original books. 2019’s Superbowl included some excellent teaser trailers for Guillermo del Toro’s project and really sets the tone for the movie. It looks to be as freaky as the book’s original illustrations, sprinkled with del Toro magic!

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Pet Sematary Arrives in April! Watch The Trailer Here.

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Last year we announced that Stephen King’s Pet Sematary release was planned for April 2019, and now we finally have the trailer! The film has been in the works since 2010 so we are expecting big things for this project.

Originally the film was going to be released April 19th, 2019 but was brought forward to April 5th. The film is being written and directed by Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch, and Jason Clarke has been cast as Louis Creed.

If you haven’t read the book or seen previous adaptations, Pet Sematary centres on a doctor, Louis Creed, who has moved his family to the country to escape busy city life. There he discovers, thanks to a neighbour, that they have moved near a pet cemetery (misspelled ‘sematary’ by the local children) built on an ancient burial ground. And we all know how well that will work out…

There are some differences between the book and the new adaptation which may annoy some fans of the original but I am sure it will still scare the socks off you!

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Writer creates ‘micro horror stories’ from one word

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Every writer knows that inspiration can be elusive, and sometimes writing prompts are so useful when writer’s block is upon you.

Elle Gato (@elle_em) came up with a great idea while procrastinating on Twitter one day- to ask her followers for writing prompts. Asking for just one word, Elle figured she could write a micro horror story about the word to help her ‘get in the headspace to write’.

Occasionally creepy, very often atmospheric, Elle’s micro horror stories were inspired by words such as ‘dumplings’, ‘pugs’, ‘kerfuffle’, and ‘Brexit’. That last one is a nightmare in its own right, to be perfectly frank.

Check out some of our favourites below, and then head over to Elle’s Twitter page to see more!

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French writers insulted by ‘growing attack’ on French language

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French writers have expressed their distaste at the increasing prevalence of English words unnecessarily invading the French language.

A French book fair ‘Scène Young Adult’ at the Salon du Livre in Paris has drawn the ire of French authors, who say that replacing French words with English is “unbearable act of cultural delinquency”. Scene YA signs and displays read “Le Live”, “Bookroom”, “photobooth” and “bookquizz”, described as “sub-English knowns as globish”.

Well known writers such as Leïla Slimani, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Muriel Barbery and Catherine Millet all took great offence at English infiltrating their literary space and wrote an open letter published in Le Monde expressing their disappointment.

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Armed man disrupts story time at public library

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A man armed with a gun turned up to a story session at a public library in Houston, Texas despite already being banned for questionable behaviour.

James ‘Doc’ Greene Sr. had previously been banned from the library for taking pictures of children and causing disturbances, so thankfully staff recognised him before he could disturb the children’s stories.

After being arrested the conservative radio show host for Raging Elephants Radio attempted to blame his arrest on ‘being Christian’, and that the librarian was a ‘satanist’. He also accused the police of supporting child sexual assault by allowing the story time to continue.

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UK Pop Star Reads LGBT Book for CBeebies Bedtime Stories

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UK pop star, Will Young, will kick off LGBT Month with a story about a child raised by two fathers.

The story is named ‘Two Dads’ and was written by Carolyn Robertson and illustrated by Sophie Humphreys. It offers a sweet and affirming tale of a family of two dads and their adopted child, written from the perspective of the happy and well-loved child.

Young, a vocal supporter of LGBT inclusiveness, told reporters:

“Children’s books are one of the first ways we learn about the world around us so I’m overjoyed to be reading a story to mark LGBT History Month. More so than ever, families in all forms should be recognised and celebrated – whether that’s two dads, two mums, families with a mum and a dad, those with a single parent, adoptive families and so on. I’ve never been more sure that inclusivity starts from the youngest possible age. I hope these stories will be used for years to come.”

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Sort Your Life Out: The Predicted Book Trend of 2019

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The trend for 2019 is ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ thanks, in part, to Marie Kondo’s Netflix series: Tidying Up.

As many of us jump aboard the immaculate Tidying Up bandwagon, it is predicted that we might be keen to continue the trend holistically. Organising our lives as well as our underwear drawers, and self-care alongside sparking joy in the home, are just a couple of trends influencing non-fiction literature in 2019.

The organisational system of the bullet journal, self-help books with self-care tips, or scientists explaining the meaning of happiness; the following list will keep you on trend and ready for 2019!

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5 Vital Reads for Passionate Activists

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Activists rejoice- your bookshelves will soon be groaning with titles designed to help you through your social justice journey.

Whether your passion lies in feminism, climate change, or the struggles of marginalised people, there are a host of books released in 2019 to suit your needs. Prominent figures in the social justice movement offer their insight and expertise to help guide the reader through many complex and important issues affecting the people today.

In a world that can seem steeped in division and confusion it can help to have passionate, honest, and intelligent voices to listen to, and these following 5 books can offer just that.

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First Images From Tolkien Biopic Revealed!

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J.R.R Tolkien is at last getting his own biopic! The fascinating and talented writer’s life will be played out on the big screen by actor Nicholas Hoult (X-Men, Mad Max: Fury Road).

The film, aptly titled Tolkien, will also star big names such as Lily Collins, Colm Meaney, Anthony Boyle, Patrick Gibson, Tom Glynn-Carney, along with British national treasures Pam Ferris and Derek Jacobi.

No details have been officially released but it looks to have warm-toned cinematography perfect for the WWI backdrop, and a host of talent supporting Tolkien’s life story. It has been said to be akin to Goodbye Christopher Robin which had dark overtones as well as heartwarming moments.

After Hoult posted sneaky peeks on Instagram of his time as Tolkien, fans began looking at the Lord of the Rings author in a whole new light. Who knew a young Tolkien could be so… Hot!? Hoult’s Instagram posted exploded into cries of “JRR Tolkien” PHWOOOAAR” and “Oh my gosh! 2-in-1 faves!”

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CNN correspondent to write book about attacks on press

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CNN’s chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, is currently writing a book concerning governmental pressures on the free press.

It is no secret that Jim Acosta and US President Donald Trump have had more than one head-to-head during White House briefings with the press. A contentious briefing after the mid-term elections prompted Trump to suspend Acosta’s press pass, however his decision was later overturned by a federal judge.

Acosta’s book, which was being written well before Trump’s attempted ban on the CNN correspondent, will show “never-before-revealed stories of this White House’s rejection of truth, while laying out the stakes for how Trump’s hostility toward facts poses an unprecedented threat to our democracy” according to the publishers HarperCollins.

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