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40 Reads for Canine Lovers

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If you are a die-hard dog lover like me, you surely know what I am talking about when I say Lassie or Marley. We hardly ever miss any dog movie or novel. I often go for such movies with a packet of tissues for nobody seems to be able to tug at our heart strings the way these four-pawed furry friends do.

Here is a list of novels canine lovers will enjoy. Many have been adapted into films but the written word is always special for us! Read More

Innuendo – Reading Between the Lines

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Language is like an iceberg. There is more to it than what meets the eye. So many jokes, witty remarks and even insults are often lost in time for lack of ability to decipher them. But we certainly know how to read between the lines and understand more than what was intended. Read More

Looking through the Reading Glass

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They make us look suave; they make us look nerdy; sometimes mature and often funny. The wearer knows where they pinch and also the stress of forgetting them somewhere. But heavy frames or rimless, reading glasses commonly known as spectacles are a saviour for many reading addicts.

Today the terms are used interchangeably, but at the turn of the last century, there was a clear demarcation: “eyeglasses” was the word used to describe eyewear with no sidebar, while “spectacles” referred to frames with sidebars. Read More

On a Literary Date

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You must have heard of World Book Day, Teachers Day, Internet Day, Translation Day and a few other special days in celebration of books, languages, authors, characters and even stationery. Don’t be surprised…days like Pencil Day, Ballpoint Pen Day and World Bookmark Day exist too.

As book lovers, we are definitely not complaining. You know what they say-
more the merrier! Read More

Latin phrases We Still Use Today

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Every language belongs to a particular language family and this family tree is indeed huge with extensive branches. Latin; a language belonging to the Italian branch of the Indo-European language family, and the mother of romance languages like Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese is considered a dead classical language today. Originally spoken in the Italian Peninsula and once widespread throughout the Roman Empire, it is now a language very rarely used in everyday communication or for official purposes. Though linguists consider this as a dead language, one can say that it lives on in its descendants like Italian, French and even English. Read More

Setting Literary Records

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We know that when it comes to setting World Records, nothing can be weird enough, whacky enough, shocking enough or even stupid enough. We have come across people who can pull aircrafts, people who make giant houses with playing cards, some who blow the most number of balloons under a minute and the like. But as reading addicts, we are definitely interested in world records related to reading, writing and of course, books! Read More

We Only Speak TXTSLNG

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Yo. il meet u 2moro n den we cn dcyd wats 2 b done 4 Claire’s bday. Pls ask Anne 2 join us 2. Oh n I saw d vid u sent. Lol. So kul! Anyway, cu 2moro. Lmk d tym. Gtg.

If you were able to read and understand that entire message perfectly, you officially speak texting lingo.

Standard SMS messages originally had a limit of 160 characters and, indeed, many still do. Read More

New Memoir Coming from war-torn Aleppo

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Every day, we open the newspaper, Twitter accounts, Facebook or news apps and see what’s happening around the world. We are bombarded with information but how much of the ground reality do we really understand? We comfortably sip our tea when someone is dying of thirst in a desert. Our kids run for their school bus when children in some countries have their schools blown apart. At the end of the day, we are eager to get back to the comfort of our homes but many do not have a place to call home.

It is only when we read first-hand accounts of war stories or lives in such areas that we are somewhat moved. But we wouldn’t realize what a mother in Afghanistan, or a child in Gaza goes through. Read More

Gutenberg: The Press that Printed

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Most of us take books, newspapers, magazines or any printed material for granted. But imagine life if the printing press had never been invented. The printing press counts as one of the most important invention of our time that brought about a literary renaissance.

Before the printing press was invented, all writing had to be painstakingly done by hand. People who did this work were known as Scribes. They worked in a special room in the monasteries they lived in, called a Scriptorium. The scribes would work silently, measuring the page layout and then copying text from another book to make multiple copies of the same. The book would then be sent to the illuminator who would look after the design and embellishments on the book that had to be done by hand. Read More