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Gwendy’s Button Box – A Stephen King Collaboration

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Gwendy’s Button Box – A Castle Rock Novella

Best selling author Stephen King has collaborated with fellow author and long time friend Richard Chizmar to bring us a brand new Castle Rock Novella that is due for release on May 30th and if it is anything like his collaborations with Peter Straub or his sons Joe and Owen then we constant readers (and hopefully those who have yet to immerse themselves in King’s literary universe) are in for a treat.
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Welsh Authors Quiz

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With more castles per square mile than any other country, emerald green landscapes and welcoming people it is no surprise that the tiny country has produced many wonderful writers but can you identify the Welsh authors of these books?

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One Man’s Trash – The Power of Words

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Working nights in the wealthy districts of Bogota Colombia José Alberto Gutiérrez collects the books that he finds thrown out with the rest of the rubbish and brings them to his home in southern Bogota where he has created The Power of Words, a library for the slum residents and those who live in the poorer parts of the city. Read More

Banned From Every Single Library

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Here at For Reading Addicts we love to receive correspondence from our followers and many of you send in stories and news items that you have found and thought that perhaps we might like. Follower Brandon Owens is one such person and he sent us in this news item from 2013 which we thought was horrifying and nauseating in equal measures. Read More

Word of the Day – Querulous

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Querulous (adj)


Complaining in a rather petulant or whining manner: Inclined to make whining or peevish complaints.

It is the manner in which the complaint is being made that is the deciding factor as to whether someone is merely complaining or querulous with the latter being marked by a high pitched whining tone.

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