8 Not So Scandalous Jackie Collins Quotes

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With over 500 million copies of her books sold and several film and television adaptations Jackie Collins was one of the world’s most successful novelists and a font of knowledge about the glitterati. With such a vast amount of scandalous truths available to her it is no wonder her books were just as scandalous but here we have chosen 8 not so scandalous Jackie Collins quotes for this article.

The younger sister of actress Joan Collins, Jackie was born on 4th October 1937 in Hampstead London where she attended Francis Holland School, an independent day school for girls in London and from where she was expelled at age 15; she is also rumoured to have had a brief affair with Marlon Brando during her time at the school.

Upon leaving school Jackie followed her older sister into acting and was sent to live with her in Los Angeles by her parents; where after a few further lacklustre appearances Jackie decided to leave to the acting to Joan and began writing novels instead. When her first book, The World is Full of Married Men was an instant success Jackie realised she had found her niche in the world and went on to publish best seller after best seller.

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I really fall in love with my characters, even the bad ones. I love getting together with them. They tell me what to do; they take me on a wild and wonderful trip.

I think I’m a born storyteller. Inspiration is all around me. I can read a newspaper article and come up with an idea for a book.

Agents are essential, because publishers will not read unsolicited manuscripts.

I have written 20 books, and each one is like having a baby. Writing is not easy; some people want to write books but just can’t put a story together. I can put together a story that interests both me and my readers.”

I don’t believe in writing anything that I don’t know about or haven’t researched about personally. I like to transport the reader to places, and in order to do that I have to do the research.

Who is ready to settle for five minutes when three hours does nicely?

Do not copy my style! The first rule of writing is write about what you know, not what you think you know. So, think about what you’ve done in your life and write about that.

The biggest critics of my books are people who never read them.

Jackie died on 19 September 2015, of breast cancer just two weeks before her 78th birthday. She famously kept her illness extremely private allegedly not even telling her sister of her diagnosis until a fortnight before her death.

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