Five Brilliant Books by Irving Wallace

Irving Wallace (March 19, 1916 – June 29, 1990) was an American bestselling author and screenwriter, best known for his heavily researched novels, many with a sexual theme.

Born in Chicago, Illinois to a Jewish family from Russia (Wallace is an Americanised version of Wallechinsky), Wallace developed an interest in writing early in life. As a teenager he sold his stories to magazines, before serving in the Frank Capra unit during the Second World War.

After the war, Wallace became a Hollywood screenwriter. He collaborated on such films as The West Point Story (1950), Split Second (1953), Meet Me at the Fair (1953), and The Big Circus (1959). He also contributed three scripts to the western television program Have Gun – Will Travel. However, he found the stint unsatisfying and devoted himself to being a full time author. His first nonfiction work was published in 1955, The Fabulous Originals, and in 1959, his first fiction offering, The Sins of Philip Fleming followed.

Today, we’re sifting through all of Irving Wallace’s best known works and choosing what we think are his five best books, recommended for you!

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