Forbes: 10 Highest Paid Authors 2017

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Every year, Forbes release the rich list, showing us the highest paid individuals of the year and this week they have released their highest paid authors list, telling us who the ten biggest earners of the year were! The top 10 is full of big names, and unsurprisingly many of the books have had, or have planned movie adaptations.

Maybe also unsurprisingly is the news that J. K Rowling tops the list, although it is the first time she has done so for almost ten years, delivering the Cursed Child as an instant success this year.

Here’s the top ten in full, as decided by Forbes.

J. K Rowling

It’s said thanks to the success of Fantastic Beasts and the Cursed Child, Rowling’s earnings have topped £72 million ($95m) this year.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child US
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child UK

James Patterson

The Women’s Murder Club author has always been big news and Forbes puts his earnings at $87 million this year.

The Trial (Women’s Murder Club) US
The Trial (Women’s Murder Club UK

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Jeff Kinney

Jeff Kinney of Diary of a Wimpy Kid game earned $21 million this year according to the Forbes list.

Double Down (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) US
Double Down (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) UK

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Dan Brown

The Da Vinci code author is an international bestseller, earning $20 million according to the Forbes list.

Origin (Robert Langdon #5) US
Origin (Robert Langdon #5) UK

Stephen King

The upcoming Dark Tower and IT adaptations have made Stephen King big news this year with Forbes putting his earnings at $15 million.

Dark Tower US
Dark Tower UK

John Grisham

John Grisham is one of the most prolific authors of our day with Forbes putting him at number 6 on the author rich list at $14 million.

The Runaway Jury US
The Runaway Jury UK

Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is a writing phenomena and one of the best known American authors currently writing. Forbes puts her worth at over $14 million.

Bay of Sighs US
Bay of Sighs UK

Paula Hawkins

The first newbie to the list is Paula Hawkins, whose debut novel Girl on the Train was adapted for movie last year, Forbes has the author listed at £9 million ($13m)

The Girl on the Train US
The Girl on the Train UK

E. L James

While James hasn’t released much since 50 Shades, the movies are still in production, raking in cash for the author who stacks £8 million ($11.5m) according to Forbes.

Grey US
Grey UK

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Danielle Steel

A favourite on our page, Danielle Steel has quite the back catalogue and Forbes put her at $11 million and in joint tenth place with.

Magic US
Magic UK

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Rick Riordan

It’s thought that Rick Riordan, who writes fantasy for children based on real mythical characters shares tenth place with Danielle Steel at $11 million.

The Trials of Apollo #1 US
The Trials of Apollo #1 UK

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