James Patterson Kills Stephen King

By September 16, 2016Authors, New Releases

James Patterson Kills Stephen King

James Patterson is well known for his prolific writing habits and his penchant for having co authors which has drawn more than just a little criticism from both the reading public and fellow authors with his most famous feud being with a certain horror author by the name of Stephen King.
King once famously dismissed Patterson saying “I don’t like him, I don’t respect his books because every one is the same.” with Patterson refusing to be cowed by the comments and hitting back by being irritatingly nice about King and his books, explaining that “I like breaking his balls by saying positive things about him.”

Well it appears that Patterson has decided that he has had enough of being nice to Stephen King and in one of his latest BookShots thrillers (a series of novels of around 150 pages in length and designed to be read in a single sitting) Patterson has really let rip with a book titled The Murder of Stephen King.

The novel follows “a fictional Stephen King character” whose stalker is recreating the horrific events from King’s books. And in a press release Patterson stated

“I’ve been a Stephen King fan for many years, and writing this book gave me the opportunity explore what happens when an author’s own novels put him in danger. The story is entirely fictitious, and a product of my imagination. Readers will be surprised by the outcome, and I hope that my fans – and all mystery fans alike – will enjoy it.”

The book will be available from the 1st of November and you can pre order it now.

The Murder of Stephen King US
The Murder of Stephen King UK

As of this moment Stephen King is yet to pass comment but I wouldn’t bet against a character appearing in his next novel that bears more than a passing resemblance to Patterson and meeting an extremely sticky end.

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