Listen to a Recording of J.R.R. Tolkien Reading the Lord of the Rings

By March 27, 2017March 24th, 2018Authors, Reading Excerpts, Video

If you spend more time thinking about Middle-Earth than you do thinking about the real world then you’ll want to listen to these old recordings of Mr. Tolkien himself reading from The Lord of the Rings. We may never get to attend a reading by Tolkien, but these audio files are the next best thing.

As Brain Pickle reports, Tolkien first encountered a tape recorder at the age of sixty in 1952. Impressed by the technology, Tolkien enjoyed taping recordings of himself reading some of his works, including his most famous book, The Lord of the Rings.

Here’s Tolkien reading “Sam’s Rhyme of the Troll” from Chapter 12, The Flight to the Ford.

You can also listen as Tolkien reads the iconic One Ring poem.

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