Could a New Dark Tower Story Be Coming? King Speaks

By February 12, 2018Authors, News

Stephen King is hot property right now with adaptations hitting cinemas, Netflix and the rest. He writes such in depth and epic series that it’s easy to see why they’re picked up for adaptation and now it looks like Dark Tower, a popular book and recent movie adaptation may well be getting a new chapter!

Recently, a fan of the Dark Tower series asked the author at a Q&A if there would be any more from the Dark Tower series. The ‘final’ book in the series came in 2004, and fans have been wanting more ever since. Several years later followed The Wind in the Keyhole, a prequel story and that was popular too.

In the exchange King says ‘Yes, I think that might happen.’, which is a pretty good sign there’s more to come! Specifically the fan asks King if he’d do ‘The Battle of Jericho’, which fans will know is another story that takes place in the history of Roland, before the timeline of the books.

While the movie wasn’t a big hit with King fans, the book series is huge with massive fan groups around the world. News that there is possibly a new book coming will be music to their ears, you can hear it from the King himself in the clip below.

7 Poetic Quotes from W. H Auden

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Anglo-American poet Wystan Hugh Auden was born in York on the 21st February 1907.

He graduated form Oxford in 1928 and after spending a year in Germany returned to the UK to become a teacher.

Possibly best known for his poem “Funeral Blues”, made famous by the film Four Weddings and a Funeral. He won the Pulizer Prize in 1947 for “The Age of Anxiety”. Read More

9 Amy Tan Quotes to Sum up Life and Love

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Amy Tan (19th February 1952) is an American writer with Chinese heritage whose works explore mother-daughter relationships and the Chinese American experience. Tan has written several novels and is best known for works such as The Joy Luck Club (also a major movie), and The Kitchen God’s Wife.

Born in Oakland, California to Chinese immigrants, John and Daisy Tan who escaped to America in order to get away from the Chinese Civil War. After school, Tan would receive a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English and linguistics before writing her first novel The Joy Luck Club (USUK). Read More

Sexual Harassment Claims Hit the Literary World

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With the top being blown off poor sexual conduct worldwide as part of the #MeToo movement, we guess it was only a matter of time before it hit the book industry too. This week their agents have publicly dropped both James Dashner and Jay Asher after claims of sexual harassment.

A series of allegations were made online about both Dashner and Asher as part of the #MeToo movement, made worse possibly because both authors are children’s authors and as part of their work come into contact with many young adults. The accusations were made on the US site School Library Journal and were repeated by many accusers. Read More

Angela Carter, Some Facts and Some Books

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Angela Carter (7th May 1940 – 16th February 1992) was an English novelist, writer and journalist best known for The Bloody Chamber and Nights at the Circus. During her career Carter was awarded with several awards including the Somerset Maugham Award, was named tenth in the 50 greatest British writers of all time by The Times and received various other accolades. Read More

Book Aid International Runs Campaign Celebrating New Worlds Through Books

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It’s just a couple of weeks now until World Book Day (1st March) and to celebrate, Book Aid International is running a campaign to celebrate the power of books. Over the next two weeks authors and readers will be able to announce the book that they think best matches for New Worlds Through Books campaign and children’s author Jacqueline Wilson has kicked off the campaign this week! Read More

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