The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump is out now!

By January 11, 2020Authors, Poetry, Political

Donald Trump is the subject and unwitting poet featured in a new book of poetry.

It is no secret that the POTUS is a huge fan of Twitter- using the social media platform to express his feelings and thoughts on world matters, and someone noticed how poetic his words could be…

Rob Sears, a comedy and fiction writer, has used powerful men as his inspiration previously with his 2018 release Vladimir Putin: Life Coach proving popular with readers.

His latest triumph is collating real Tweets from the president of the United states of America, Mr Donald Trump, and formatting them as a book of poetry.

Check out an example below, and order your book of The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump today!

I am the best

I predicted Apple’s stock would fall

I will build a great, great wall

I build buildings that are 94 stories tall

My hands – are they small?”


Hot little girl in highschool

I’m a very compassionate person (With a very high IQ)

Just think, in a couple of years, I’ll be dating you

It must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees

Come here, I’ll show you how life works. Please”

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