The Books of Alice Hegan Rice

By January 11, 2019 Authors

Alice Hegan Rice (January 11th, 1870 – February 10th, 1942) also known as Alice Caldwell Hegan, was an American novelist born in Shelbyville, Kentucky who wrote more than two dozen books during her career but is still little known today.

Born in Kentucky to parents Sallie Caldwell and Samuel Hegan, Alice was drawn to creative pursuits from childhood and loved drawing and writing poetry and short stories. Alice spent much of her career advocating for the rights of the underprivileged. She lived most of her life in Louisville, which is where she met her husband, Cale Young Rice who was also an author, dramatist and poet.

Alice Hegan Rice wrote more than two dozen books during her career, the most well known of such Mrs Wiggs of The Cabbage Patch, a thinly veiled social commentary on the then shantytown near Old Louisville. The book was an instant success and as been adapted for the stage and three Hollywood movies, the most famous of which is the 1934 film starring Pauline Lord and W.C Fields.

We hope you’ve introduced you to a new author today, or at least reminded you of one you may have forgotten. Here are links to Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch and a couple of other Alice Hegan Rice novels we think you might like.

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