“Everyone needs a guardian angel”




A heart warming story of a woman regaining her life after becoming a widow.

I wouldn’t class myself as a reader but found myself engrossed in Holly’s world as she gets to grips with the death of her husband Gerry; before Gerry’s death Holly gave up work to look after him and after his death and funeral she shuts out the world.

Finally getting herself together enough to visit her parents she is confronted with a parcel left from her husband. the parcel contains 12 letters, one for each month of the year, inside each are instructions for her to fulfil, while Holly holds onto them as a way to keep Gerry with her as long as possible the instructions inside are pushing her into situations that will not only help her overcome insecurities about herself but with the help of her family, old friends and new ones made along the way she will let go of Gerry and continue her life.

I was amazed at how the writer got me caught up in the emotions of the story, I was on the edge of my seat with the anticipation of Holly reading each of the letters and then cried my eyes out while reading them, each written with such love that I couldn’t help but feel the love that was between the two of them also through conversations between Holly and her family and friends.

On the flip side I found myself in fits of laughter as Holly got into some situations brought on through the objective set by the letters and on occasions felt heartbroken as Holly came to realise that not everyone in life stands by you when bad things happen.


Reviewed by:

Mathew Hooper

Added 14th June 2015

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