“Every time Churchill took to the airwaves it was as if he were injecting adrenaline-soaked courage directly into the British people … Larson tells the story of how that feat was accomplished … Fresh, fast and deeply moving.”


While the United States took a wait and see, it’s not our problem attitude, the bombs fell on Britain and its people. Most of us are aware of this fact. While Hitler was plowing through Europe, wrecking every type of havoc on its citizens, Britain might have appeared down, but she was never out. In this work, the author follows the war, its effect on the populous and the Churchill family while the bombs dropped.

Getting an overview using mostly facts and figures does not tell the whole story like the view from the ground. Larson is an excellent non fiction writer where he incorporates an event with a focus on the main participant or participants. I have never been disappointed with any of his works as they are well researched, easy to understand and an excellent read.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 27th May 2020

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