“Filled with Allende’s signature lyricism and ingenious plotting, the book delves wonderfully into what it means to respect, protect, and love.”



The book begins with Richard Bowmaster out driving right after a large snowstorm has hit Brooklyn, New York and he has a slight accident as he crashes into another car being driven by a woman named Evelyn Ortega, who becomes very upset about the accident and is set to drive off without getting the insurance information.

As she is about to drive off, Richard givers her his business card. The next day she will arrive at Richards door. Since Evelyn speaks little English, Richard calls upon his tenant, Lucia Marat to help him.

Thus begins the story, which in a way, could be ripped from today’s headlines. Evelyn is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who escaped her country because of violence. Her plight will draw in both Richard and Lucia.

All of their backstories will be told in detail, and what you end up with is a crazy adventure and three people forming a bond that probably would never had happened except for the original chance encounter.

Allende is a great writer, and if you have read her before, you shouldn’t be disappointed. For those new to her, while not comparable to her best work, it’s an enjoyable read and at 340 pages you can knock it off within a week.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 12th December 2017

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