“Takes readers along the fast-paced, enthralling story side by side with great characters. A book like a great Hollywood thriller – action-packed, brutal, sexy and yet profound.”


A love declaration and a classic already

Reading ‘Milo – Angel of death’ really felt like reading the script for an upcoming blockbuster. The whole book is extraordinary, based on a true story and certainly would also be one of Mr. Tarantinos personal favorites.

It is an action-thriller that chases its readers and its two protagonists through its pages. With brutal force you are being pressed into the storyline and once you have met Milo the text will not leave hold of you until you finished this bloody amazing adventure.

The ‘hero’ Marcus Wirtmann is a german IT consultant from SAP trying to place his product at his customer in San Francisco. He is a sarcastic professional desperately looking for distraction from his daily routine. There was a terrible event in his family, maybe his childhood, resulting in nightmares and hallucinations with his father. The hatred for himself and his job is leading to an overuse of alcohol. When the mysterious Milo gets in his way he nearly gets obsessed and follows her against her will leaving behind his former life he hated anyway.

Milo is a latin-american woman who faces her enemies with a samurai sword. She mastered the art of fighting and shooting and seems to have a brutalized past with the Yakuza. She is running away from her past too, forced to hide in the texan desert being on her own. Milo is withdrawn of everyone, can trust nobody therefore drinks whiskey like water and earns her money as a very well paid ‘freelancer’.

Both characters couldnt be more diverse from each other but are so very much the same on the inside. It is hard to say who of them is more enriching for the life of the other one. Seeing Marcus cracking Milos hard shell piece by piece while hiding his true feelings for her simply is a blast.

What makes this text also very entertaining surely comes with the clash of the two total different worlds of Marcus and Milo and how Marcus is handling and describing his shift from one to the other. His transition into a criminal is comprehensible and is even more impressive in its evolution as I actually had sympathy for him. Seeing this depressed man being transformed into an happy outlaw really gave me satisfaction.

The book feels different from the books I usually read and I tried to understand why as the concept is not new. Its because I havent seen it being executed in such an emotional way before. M.E. Fiend takes the time his characters need and he is doing it with all the love he obviously must been having for them. Marcus transition doesnt feel like a tool necessary to go on with Milos plot, it feels like a whole story itself – even surpassing the mission that leads them to Tokio in the end. It is like their journey to Japan is more the beginning of very long road in bringing together two staggering characters and how they are changing each other. This approach clearly separates the book from the crowd.

This emotional rollercoaster combined with the fast evolving action is a revival of a genre that died in the 70s. Its an ‘uncensored’ and surprising love declaration for !adult! readers willing to finally face a grandiose action-thriller again. It is one of these books that you will remember for a long time and I dare to call it a classic already.


Reviewed by:

Alexander Graber

Added 13th September 2018