“Albright outlines the warning signs of fascism and offers concrete actions for restoring America’s values and reputation. There is priceless wisdom on every page.”



The author has served her adopted country in several different areas previously and is highly qualified to stand by what she has written in this work.

In the first chapter is an introduction to Fascism and the proper use of the term as it relates to past and present governments. Also she gives a brief glimpse into her early years and why this information is so very important especially at this time.

The next chapters gives the history of Benito Mussolini and how he came to power in Italy.. next we move on to Hitler… the cold war, Stalin, the McCarthy hearings… examining governments in other areas of the world.

Chapter 15 examines The President of the United States and that is the most alarming chapter of the book.

Albright has totally exposed Trump for what he is and what harm he has done already and is doing.

There is no way any of the book can be fluffed off as “fake news”, not this time… with history to back her up there is indeed cause for alarm and every person in the United States should take this warning very seriously.

I also think it of interest to anyone in any part of the world to learn from this work, or at least read it and make your own decision. Democracy is hard won and can slip away in the blink of an eye.

Personally I want to thank Mrs. Albright for writing this book, you are a light in a troubled time.


Reviewed by:

Diana S Long

Added 15th May 2018

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