Persepolis is a stylish, clever and moving weapon of mass destruction.”


I read Persepolis in my English International Baccalaureate course in high school, and found it to be a brilliant book.

It is the autobiography of a girl who experiences life in Iran during the revolution, which is both educating and exciting.

It is told from the first person point of view, and begins with her as a young child before the revolution. It continues and tells of the new dress codes in school, and the new rules that were introduced, and then follows along as she begins to experience this revolution as a teenager.

Her thoughts and feelings are included throughout, which adds a personal connection that adds to the quality of the story.

Recently it has been considered to be a “risky” text for school literature due to its language and political standpoints. However, these things are a wonderful component of what makes this such an accurate portrayal of Satrapi’s life.

This is a book of history. This is a book of genuineness. Without these components, the realities of the Revolution would not effectively be conveyed to the readers.

Combining these ever-present themes and ideas with a graphic novel representation makes for a wonderful story for people of all ages.

I strongly recommend this book.


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