” A steam train of a thriller! ”



After reading and loving Gone Girl, when I heard The Girl on the Train mentioned on the Radio 2 book club I thought it might be worth trying another thriller. It’s not a genre I have really dipped into in the past but it never hurts to read something a bit different and it sounded really good.

Rachel catches the same commuter train each morning, and from here you catch up with her thoughts, created by triggers on her journey. She’s been through an emotional break up but as the book continues you discover she’s not the only one having a hard time and pretty soon there’s a murder.

The first thing I’d note is to pay attention, I’m going to blame reading on several nightcaps but I wasn’t paying much attention to the chapter names and I found myself confusing Rachel with Megan. I have to admit there weren’t many characters in this book with likeable traits and this might be part of the reason I confused them. I truly ended up wanting to murder each and every one of them, and what a thriller that would have made!

I certainly don’t want to put readers off, it was a compelling book and as dislikeable as I found the characters, I found it hard to put down, polishing it off in a couple of sittings.

Girl on the Train has had a lot of comparisons made to Gone Girl, and if you found you were frustrated with the ending of the latter then you should find Girl on the Train a lot more acceptable. Without posting spoilers, there’s a traditional thriller ending, and while I didn’t guess what was going to happen, it wasn’t a huge surprise either.

I’m sure we’ve all watched the lives of others through their little jewelled windows from the train, but you may never see them the same way again after Girl on the Train!


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 4th March 2015

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