“One of the funniest protagonists since…well… ever! She fits in with Bridget Jones and Georgia Nicolson. The writing is so sharp you may cut yourself”



I was a huge fan of the Territory trilogy from Sarah Govett and so when I heard about India Smythe stands up I couldn’t wait to get started. This book does not disappoint either!

India Smyth isn’t like the other girls but it takes her this entire hysterically funny novel to learn that that is actually a good thing! Clumsy, funny, and a little bit goofy, it’s likely every young girl who reads this will be able to relate to India Smythe. I passed this novel to my 15 year old daughter when I’d finished, and she also gave it a rave review!

Follow India’s story as she attempts to fit in, tries to get on board with the cool kids, chases the best looking boy in school, and eventually stands up and is counted!

India Smythe Stands Up is laugh out loud in places, funny, relatable, and with an important message for young girls. Highly recommended!


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 6th February 2020

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