“Tackles the biggest questions of history and the modern world… Written in unforgettably vivid language.”


Provided that the reader has an open mind this is a well written and researched work If your version of creation is centered on some religious beliefs you might scoff at this history, for the rest of us…the author will take us on a voyage of …the primates who became Homo Sapiens or Humans.

Following the “Big Bang”theory of how the universe was created and the ions of years that passed until we showed up our time here on this beautiful planet begins.

As we emerged from Africa and populated the earth we have either assimilated to our environment or altered our environment to suit us. As we are the highest intelligence on the planet we hold the top spot on the food chain, we are also the most creative when it comes to inventing things for our use.

We are still evolving slowly so where evolution takes us is of course unknown…that is if we survive.

I found it a very informative work and it does touch somewhat on every aspect of our history, civilizations that rise and fall, finance, technology are some of the highlights. I highly recommend as I think it delves into many areas of our history I haven’t thought about.

Basically in a nut shell, What have we done FOR the earth? Nothing. What have we done TO the earth? Everything.

I do hope many will read this and give some thought to the history of us.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 28th March 2018

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