“Just got back from Florida.  Found a WONDERFUL bookstore in Sanibel,  one of the best I have ever been to.”

Gene's Books - Sanibel, Florida

Good morning:  Just got back from Florida.  Found a WONDERFUL bookstore in Sanibel.  One of the best I have ever been to.  The owner must have millions of dollars tied up in stock.  Largest collection of British movies/ series and books I have ever seen.  WONDERFUL CD’s of jazz,blues etc.  Several buildings, outdoor seating, discount area.  I could have spent days there (literally).  I did speak to Patrick Duggan.  Nice man.  Told me that hey don’t have a website yet.  They are working on it.

Place was immaculate.  Prices were phenomenal.  I did ask permission from Patrick before taking any pictures and explained about For Reading Addicts.  He said they will always take the publicity and was most grateful.

Also on the island is Doc Ford’s.  It is a restaurant owned by Randy Wayne White.  My mom and I both read his books.  Excellent food and books in the lobby signed by Mr. White.  He is coming to do a book signing this weekend.  Of course I am already home.  Bummed about that.

~ Heather Hall-Martin (photographs also courtesy of Heather)

Address: Gene’s Books, 2365 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, Florida

Manager:  Christior Rajkovic

Tele:  239-472-1446
Email: CMRajkovic@gmail.com