Author Finds Skip Full of Books Outside Closed Bookshop

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Bibliophiles may want to view the following scenes through their fingers, it’s the very worst of all horror scenes. In Hull, City of Culture, an author has stumbled across a skip full of books outside a closed down independent bookshop!

Author of Isolation Junction Jennifer Gilmour lives in the city and yesterday while walking home stumbled across these terrible scenes. Hardbacks, paperbacks and even some rare editions, all piled up, open to the elements in a skip in the city.

Gilmour wasn’t the only person peering in either, here are the images she snapped, and she’s now appealing for someone to save the books.

West Hull Books, an independent bookshop, closed a few months ago. It stood on the corner of Anlaby Road and Hawthorn Avenue in the west of the city and it’s outside this shop that the skip stands. So far the weather is dry, but unreliable at this time of year and there seems to be no firm plan on how to save the books.

The author has taken home some books from the skip, but the logistics of finding out who is responsible for them, transporting them, and finding a home for them seem impossible right now. However, if you do live in the Hull area, you may want to rescue a few homeless books yourself!

Jennifer Gilmour’s debut novel Isolation Junction (USUK) was released last year and tells the story of a mother of two young children, an abusive husband, and a place she is trapped in she called Isolation Junction.

Waterstones to Open Two New Stores

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Reading has never been so cool and many bookshops are bucking the current high street trends and thriving. Today we hear the fantastic news that Waterstones is to open two new books and they’ll be trading in time for Christmas.

It’s a grim time for retailers with many proclaiming the high street ‘dead on its feet’ so the news that two new stores are opening is absolutely fantastic, especially as it’s bookshops in particular who are suffering from the effects of online trade and the digital revolution.

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Mr B’s Emporium Hopes Crowdfunding Will Help Expansion

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Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath is one of Britain’s best loved bookshops and if you ever wanted to support them now is the time to do it as they launch a crowdfunding campaign to expand its premises.

The store is already an absolutely delightful place to be, and if you haven’t already visited Mr B’s Emporium, you can find it in our bookshop section by clicking the link attached to the name in this paragraph. Read More

15 moments when a Swansea bookshop won Twitter

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Bookshops are often thought of as quiet, thoughtful places where people go to buy, read, and sniff the books. Sometimes it can be tricky to make the bookshop seem like a super-exciting and stimulating place to be, but one branch of Waterstones has been trying to entice people in with their witty rhetoric on Twitter.

Ok, so perhaps the only people impressed with cheeky banter from a retail social media account are possibly just Reading Addicts… And it is a good job you are all here!

Settle down with a cup of tea and these 15 witty, silly, and funny quips from Swansea Waterstones.

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Waterstones Buys Family Owned Foyles Chain

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In one of the biggest sales the bookselling world has ever seen, Waterstones is buying the family owned Foyles bookshop chain in a move they say is designed to champion real bookshops in the face of online rivals.

The 115 year old chain has been in the hands of the Foyles family since the first bookshop was opened in London in 1903 by brothers William and Gilbert Foyle. The sale to Waterstones will include the entire chain including the well-known Charing Cross Road store in central London, which was famously relocated in 2014. The chain has 283 bookshops across the UK and Northern Europe and is one of the best known brands of bookshop in Britain.

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Raffle Sees New Owner for Cardigan Bookshop

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Last month we brought you the news that a bookshop owner from Cardigan, West Wales was raffling off his business to customers at his shop. Every customer who spent £20 in store received a raffle ticket and in the end sixty tickets went into the hat.

Last week the draw was made, with Abba’s The Winner Takes it All playing in the background and the name out of the hat was of Dutchman Ceisjan van Heerden, known locally as CJ who will become the shop’s new owner.
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How Barnes & Noble was Almost Sold Off Quietly

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A lawsuit filed by Barnes & Noble’s former CEO Demos Parneros on 28th August charging his former employer with breach of contract and defamation of character after his dismissal last month has revealed that the giant bookseller was to be quietly sold off this year before the deal fell through.

Barnes & Noble are thought of as one of the giants of the bookselling industry, about the only company to come close to rivalling Amazon, and even having their own branded eReader. But now thanks to this lawsuit it’s announced that in June a rival withdrew its offer to buy the chain after completing due diligence due to a number of unflattering revelations about how the company operates. The rival bookseller is unnamed in the announcement, and we wouldn’t like to hazard a guess as to who it may have been.
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