Richard Burton Reads Under Milk Wood.

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Many would agree that Richard Burton had a voice like warm honey… It lent itself so well to the poetry of Welsh wordsmith, Dylan Thomas that his readings have inspired artists and animators to put images to the words. Katie Markwick produced this animation during her studies at university, and we here at For Reading Addicts love it! It is an edited version of a part of the play, but gives a wonderful feel for the tone of Thomas’s work.

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5 Colourful Books by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali (11th May 1904 – 23rd January 1989), known as Salvador Dali was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter born in Figueres, Catalonia. High imaginative Dali’s work is both striking and bizarre and reports of his personal life reflect his artistic style, making him a fascinating man indeed. Read More

Bookish Crafts – Christmas Angel Tutorial

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A few years ago I made a Christmas angel for the tree from a folded book, and while it’s not as fancy as some I’ve seen since, I love it and ended up wishing I’d made a tutorial to share. With that in mind, when I found this tutorial for a similar angel today, I just had to share!

Take an old book, fold for what seems like hours, add some adornments and you have the perfect bookish angel for your Christmas tree, and if your tree is nice and tall you don’t need to worry about people reading the words so you can choose an old bodice ripper and no one will ever know how filthy your angel really is! Read More

Crafts: How to Make a Novel Wreath

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If you’re ok with the idea of cutting up an old copy of 50 Shades of Grey to create some worthwhile book art then we have the perfect Christmas project for you! This novel wreath uses the pages of an old bodice ripper, textbook, or even a phone book if you’re precious about your books to create a beautiful festive wreath. Read More