Make Your Own Gifts for Book Lovers

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If you love reading, and you love being a bit crafty then making your own bookish goodies and gifts can be fun and rewarding. Hand made gifts are always treasured, add in a literary twist and what more could you want?

This selection of little gits and arts you can make yourself is lovely. It was originally uploaded for Christmas but with Easter on the way, some of these are pretty simple and effective, particularly if you’re giving books for gifts too! Read More

Last Known Sketch of Dylan Thomas Donated to Swansea Collection

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One of the last known sketches sat for by Dylan Thomas has been gifted to a collection in Swansea. The sketch was drawn by Welsh-Canadian artist, Gordon Stuart and is the last known art drawn during the poet’s lifetime.

Dylan Thomas sat for the sketch after a chance meeting in Laugharne, where the poet’s famous boathouse and writing shed stand, and was drawn just before Thomas left for New York where he died in 1953. Read More

Humorous Vintage and Retro Pop Up Books

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Did you think interactive lift-the-flap and pop-up books were a thing of the past now you are an adult?

Do you find yourself yearning for the days of Spot the Dog, or The Jolly Postman?

Never fear: adult activity books are here! In fact they’ve always been here, but many of us may need a reminder.

From 16th century titillation to 20th century silliness, here’s a small selection of some risqué and humorous offerings.

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Literary Inspired Art of Jorge Mendez Blake

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Jorge Mendez Blake has created an art installation “The Castle”, inspired by literature.

By using a lone Kafka novel, El Castillo, Blake has shown the physical representation of the impact one book can make.

Franz Kafka’s book lies at the bottom of a brick wall causing a slight but increasingly noticeable change in the wall’s structure. It is one of those ideas we all think, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’

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Bookshop Staff take the Bookface to a Hilarious New Level

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Many libraries and bookshops have done their own take on the Bookface, where you line up a book cover with your own face, to creative and often funny results. But the Instagram page of French independent bookshop, Librairie Mollat have taken the idea one stage further, and we think it’s brilliant!

It doesn’t take much to hold a book up to your face but these are amazingly creative, matching hair styles, skin tones, and even various other body parts to creative and often hilarious effect. Read More

Kickstarter Comic Book of Kick-Ass Women

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Kristy and Brian Miller are a couple of creatives who have a passion for comic books and equality. Femme Magnifique is their brainchild: a collection of “comic-book stories that celebrate women who crack ceilings, take names, and change the game” as stated on their Kickstarter page. The campaign reached its initial target of $40,000 but as the total increases, so does the comic!

As more people jump on the Kickstarter for this innovative graphic novel, the more opportunities the creators have to expand the project: from 30 women featured to 50, and from paperback to hardback. The more we back the campaign, the more it can achieve.

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Bookish DIY: Book Quote Necklace Tutorial

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As you know, we love book crafts here at For Reading Addicts and think there’s no fitting end to damaged or unusable books. So when we stumbled across this gorgeous book quote necklace tutorial today, we had to share it with you!

The video is quite long but it’s step by step, and she makes it look really easy. My daughter is already planning her own necklace, and when you see the finished product, you probably will be too! Take a look and maybe you’ll be inspired to encapsulate your favourite bookish quote into a pendant necklace like this one. Read More

Richard Burton Reads Under Milk Wood.

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Many would agree that Richard Burton had a voice like warm honey… It lent itself so well to the poetry of Welsh wordsmith, Dylan Thomas that his readings have inspired artists and animators to put images to the words. Katie Markwick produced this animation during her studies at university, and we here at For Reading Addicts love it! It is an edited version of a part of the play, but gives a wonderful feel for the tone of Thomas’s work.

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5 Colourful Books by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali (11th May 1904 – 23rd January 1989), known as Salvador Dali was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter born in Figueres, Catalonia. High imaginative Dali’s work is both striking and bizarre and reports of his personal life reflect his artistic style, making him a fascinating man indeed. Read More