Mysterious Benefactors Fund Giveaway of Dystopian Fiction

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Urging readers to ‘fight back’

It was just a couple of weeks ago we reported that Penguin are ordering a reprint of the dystopian novel 1984, with books like The Handmaid’s Tale also hitting the bestsellers’ list, years after their original release. Now a mysterious benefactor in San Francisco has funded a mass giveaway of books urged to inspire the ‘fight back’ against the Trump era, enlisted George Orwell, Margaret Atwood and Erik Larson to assist the cause. Read More

Amazon to Open Physical Bookstore in New York in 2017

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You may recall that, as we reported in 2015, there was quite a buzz about the fact Amazon opened its first physical bookshop in Seattle, Washington. The store differed from other high street book stores in that it uses data from Amazon such as customer ratings, sales totals and Goodreads popularity in order to know what to keep in stock and what to recommend to customers. Read More

Real Life Bernard Black Gets Complaints from Parish Council

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The story in the Daily Mail today calls bookseller, Steve Bloom the ‘Bookseller from hell’, but we’re going with real life Bernard Black as the North-Yorkshire bookseller attracts criticism for his grumpy behaviour!

Steve Bloom runs Bloomindales in the North-Yorkshire market town of Hawes, but over the past four years more than twenty complains have been submitted to the parish council, plus a litany of complaints on the bookshops Trip Advisor page. Read More

Bookshops Back for Another Civilised Saturday

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In a response to the hectic nature of Black Friday, in 2015 indie bookshops came together to celebrate the first ever ‘Civilised Saturday’ offering the antithesis of the craziness of Black Friday in bookshops around the UK. Last year’s event was a resounding success and it’s now announced that the second Civilised Saturday will take place on 26th November.

This year’s event will be tying in with the Great British Bake Off, and the Danish lifestyle philosophy of Hygge. As expected it will be a genteel, slow paced kind of day, exactly the sort booklovers love! Read More

Footnotes from the World’s Greatest Bookstores is a must for Bibliophiles

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Two years ago, New Yorker cartoonist Bob Eckstein wandered New York drawing pictures of the city’s endangered landmark bookstores in a modest feature for the magazine.

However, the feature struck a chord with book lovers and inspired a project to draw a full collection of bookstores from around the world, which went on to become Footnotes from the World’s Greatest Bookstores: True Tales and Lost Moments from Book Buyers, Booksellers, and Book Lovers, released just last month. Read More

Win The Ultimate Prize for Bibliophiles

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A bookshop in London UK is offering the chance to win the ultimate prize for bibliophiles with the promise of free books for life! Heywood Hill is an independent bookshop who is celebrating their 80th birthday in the best way imaginable by creating the the Library of a Lifetime award which will give its winner “one newly published and hand-picked hardback book per month, for life, delivered anywhere in the world.” Read More