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Roald Dahl Story Company to donate profits to charity

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Roald Dahl once wrote:

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

The people behind the Roald Dahl Story Company Ltd have decided to take these words and live by them by donating a percentage of the company’s profits to charity.

Roald Dahl had given his time and money to charity all his life, and even helped design an innovative and life-saving valve for children with hydrocephalus. His tireless efforts to improve children’s health and well-being continued after his death when his wife created the charity The Roald Dahl Foundation in 1990.

The charity rebranded as Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity on the 1st of November 2010, and up until 2013, it focussed upon supporting children with brain and blood conditions. Post-2012 the charity decided to focus on all serious illnesses that affect children, as well as a broad aim to improve literacy.

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Aussie children’s book will promote body positivity

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Body positivity is the next big issue for children’s literature.

Australian social work student, Jessica Sanders, decided to write a book for children after becoming sick of the unattainable goals people have forced upon them. As a woman Jess had increasingly noticed the pressures she and other girls faced in their day-to-day lives, in regards to their bodies. She also noticed a distinct gap in the market for children’s books that deal with the issue of body positivity and acceptance.

Jess, 24, is from Melbourne, Australia, and is on her way to completing her Masters degree in Social Work. In a video for Kickstarter, Jess tells a story familiar to most women and girls of being surrounded by images of the ‘ideal’ body type- slim, smooth, petite, pretty, etc- and when one does not fit into that mould it can feel as if something is wrong with you.

Jess’s idea starts with a book aimed at young girls, teaching them that their bodies are far more than pretty casing for their personalities. It puts the idea forward that no matter what shape or size you are, you are worthy of love from yourself and others.

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When children’s books go wrong…

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We love all kinds of children’s books here at Reading Addicts, but unfortunately not all kids’ books were created equally. Some are just plain weird. We’ve shown you some creepy and hilarious unintentional, and perhaps intentional, innuendo (Part 1 and Part 2), so buckle up and prepare for a whole lot of “What the hell?” and “WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS OKAY?”

Remember- if these monstrous titles could get published then there is hope for all budding writers.

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Alabama School Transformed into Hogwarts

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What better way is there to get your pupils excited about going to school and the prospect of reading than to transform their hallways and classrooms into Hogwarts from J.K. Rowling’s much-loved Harry Potter Series? Well, Parkside Elementary School in Baileyton, Alabama did just that!

Magical creatures adorn the walls, potion bottles stand on shelves, dementors hang from the ceiling, pages of the Quibbler are flyered about, there’s even a Mirror of Erised. The Seventh and Eighth-grade students at this school returning from their summer vacations were greeted by an exciting creation.

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New satirical kid’s book ‘Don’t Do That Donald’ is on its way!

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Don’t Do That, Donald! is a fun book for children of all ages brought to us by Paul Rigby, author of surprise bestsellers 50 Sheds of Grey and Mrs Fry’s Diary. 

In 2010, one year after he created the award-winning Twitter account @MrsStephenFry (recommended for the very silly), Mrs Fry’s Diary was named one of the Guardian Books of the Year. Paul’s answer to an erotic parody of EL. James’s 50 Shades series, featured on the Sunday Times Bestseller List in 2012, and is now a successful trilogy.

Out of that riotously funny mind comes a new satirical-humorous book for people of all ages. Fresh, bright cartoon illustrations provide the background for this woe-some story of a very naughty young man. Set as a cautionary tale- this rhyming poem warns us all of how little Donny cannot handle the pressure and starts acting out! “Don’t DO That Donald!”

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A 3D Pop Up Hogwarts Book is Coming and We’re So Excited!

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Have you heard the news? I am so excited I can barely type! If you’re still Potter mad, twenty years after the release of the first book, then we have something for you to get very excited about. This October there’s a Harry Potter pop up book coming, featuring the best known school in fiction.

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts hits the shelves on October 23rd and is the perfect companion book to your Harry Potter series. The interactive guide to the iconic school features pop-up recreations of key locations both inside and outside the castle.

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James Baldwin’s children’s book is re-released at last

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James Baldwin, writer and social critic of the 20th century, has featured before at For Reading Addicts in a video of him from 1963 speaking to the BBC about his experiences. As a Black man, his life had challenges many of us can not even comprehend but, with courage, Baldwin spoke out and wrote about issues surrounding skin colour, sexuality, and class distinctions.

After being begged by his nephew Tejan Karefa-Smart to write a story about him, Baldwin came up with Little Man, Little Man: “I knew he was important and he was special, and I wanted some of that energy,” said Tejan, now an artist living in Paris, “I said, ‘Uncle Jimmy, when are you going to write a book about me?’”

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Rare Beano comic book is up for auction!

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A rare copy of the first Beano annual, without Dennis the Menace, is to be auctioned at an auction house in Norfolk later this month.

The annual is expected to sell for between £1,200 and £1,500!

The Beano was first brought out by DC Thomson in July 1938 and a year later the first Beano annual was issued: The 1940 Beano Book. The comic was stripped down to 12 pages every two weeks during WWII due to a paper shortage, and it was discovered after the war that the Beano editor’s name was written on an assassination list by the Nazis for “gross disrespect”. What a scary thought!

This rare Beano annual was the first of 79 Beano annuals featuring the comic’s stories and illustrations but Dennis the Menace- the resident cheeky chap of The Beano- wouldn’t turn up for another decade, as he made his first appearance in 1951. His pet dog, and cheeky sidekick Gnasher was introduced in 1968.

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Literary competition for The Children’s Society ends soon!

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The Children’s Society UK offers a literary competition in collaboration with their Seriously Awkward campaign.

The Seriously Awkward campaign deals with complex issues facing teenagers like mental health,  domestic violence, homelessness, and poverty. Even though 16 and 17 year olds are still considered children, the support offered by the government is shocking. At 18, it stops altogether and the child is suddenly considered an adult. The Children’s Society UK are calling on the UK Government to give these teens as much support as they need as they transition into adulthood.

The literary competition has been designed to shine a light on issues facing 16-17 year olds. Using themes of the changes, difficulties, and complexities involved with teenagers, writers are encouraged to come up with a maximum of 2,000 words about being 16-17 years old.

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Sainsbury Reveals the Shortlist for the Children’s Book Awards 2018

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The British supermarket chain Sainsbury has once again teamed up with BookTrust for its annual children’s book award, and the short list of nominated titles has been revealed. A total of 15 books have been nominated across five categories which cover the likes of Best Picture Book to Favourite Characters.

The fifth annual Sainsbury Children’s Book Award sees authors such as Ed Vere, Abi Elphinstone and Garth Jennings nominated along with popular children’s characters such as Peppa Pig and the Pokemon franchise. As BookTrust reports, the nominations are as follows:

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