Autistic author writes plain speaking guide to periods for autistic people

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An autistic author has written a plain speaking guide to periods, delivering the information in a comprehensive way with no innuendo and plenty of illustrations.

Robyn Steward attended a conference for Society of Menstrual Cycle Research Conference in 2017, where she learned of reusable menstrual products but was disappointed in the lack of straight-talking information. Robyn felt the need to write a guide herself as she felt nothing offered her, or other autistic people, information with enough detail or illustrations.

Steward pointed out how autistic people tend to be literal thinkers with a brain for details, so imagine how frustrating it would be to not understand an important issue because the information provided is unclear. When the information provided is medical or biological and the author uses flowery or metaphorical language, it can prove to be difficult for those with autism to understand what they mean.

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Discover How WHSmith’s ‘Yellowbacks’ Brought Reading to the Masses

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In the late 1800’s literacy was spreading through all classes of British society, and reading was fast becoming one of the nation’s favourite pastimes. However, enjoying a good book wasn’t as easy back then as it is today. Firstly, mass produced paperbacks were yet to become commonplace, and many books still came in the form of great leather bound tomes, hardly the sort of thing you could take on the go. Secondly, even if you were prepared to work out your arms by carrying such a book around, they were too expensive for the average person to buy regularly. Luckily for the bookworms of the day, the Yellowbacks were on hand.

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victorian woman

Read Victorian women’s snarky responses to the question: ‘why are you single?’

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Victorian women responded to a competition in a magazine Tit-Bits, asking them ‘Why are you single?’, and they had some choice words to say on the matter!

Women living in Victorian England have been stereotyped as prudish, shy, and uptight ladies who are not complete until they find a man to ‘keep’ them. While some were seeking a partner to share their lives with, many were perfectly happy staying single, or weren’t into men in the first place…

When Tit-Bits Magazine asked women in 1889 to write in with their own reasons for spinsterhood, with the tantalising hope of winning prizes, they received more honesty than they bargained for.

A favourite in the Reading Addicts office is Miss Sparrow of Manor Place who wrote:

“Because I do not care to enlarge my menagerie of pets, and I find the animal man less docile than a dog, less affectionate than a cat, and less amusing than a monkey.”

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10 Instagram Bookstore Accounts You NEED to Follow

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A bookstore Instagram account is a fabulous way to visit a shop that exists hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Although many of us may never get the opportunity to peruse the shelves of the impressive city bookstores or intimate independent stores around the world, Instagram is the next best thing.

Every good Reading Addict follows more bookish accounts on Instagram than anything else, and we are happy to add a few more to your feed.

Let us take you on a bookstore journey!

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Medieval monk cursed cat who peed on his manuscript

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Cats have always been a loveable nuisance and felines of the 15th century were no different!

In medieval libraries, cats would stalk the bookshelves looking for rats and mice who would nibble on pages and destroy a lifetime’s work. One such cat in 1420 decided to leave the monks an extra special present while clearing the floors of vermin… It peed on the manuscript!

As any cat owner knows, cat urine is pungent and persistent, however the monk’s work was too precious to throw away just because of one foul smell. Instead, the monk noted the cat’s misdemeanour in the margin of the manuscript.

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DC Comics cancel latest comic after backlash from conservative Christians

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DC Comics have had to withdraw from a new comic series after negative backlash from confused American conservative Christians.

Second Coming was meant to be released with DC’s Vertigo on March the 6th 2019, but the comic has since been cancelled thanks to a petition from conservative Christians. The petition stated the series was “outrageous and blasphemous”, with negativity whipped up by hyperbolic and hysterical US news outlets Fox News and the Christian Broadcasting Network. Eventually the petition gained 230,000 signatures- it begs the question how many of those signatures were reacting to their biased news source or researched the comic themselves before making a judgement about it?

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‘Storybook Dads’ keeps prisoners and children connected

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‘Storybook Dads’ is an initiative started in Devon, UK to help connect prisoners with their children. In 2002, Sharon Berry worked as a volunteer at HMP Channings Wood where she noticed how difficult it was for the prisoners to stay in touch with their children. After working with the Writer in Residence, Sharon moved to HMP Dartmoor where she started the scheme ‘Storybook Dads’ with a handful of children’s books and a microphone. News soon spread about the scheme and many more prisons wanted to join, prompting Sharon to start a Storybook Dads charity to gain funding.

Today the programme helps prisoners from all over the UK, including women’s prisons and youth offenders’ institutes. As well as audio CDs, they create DVDs, help train prisoners in editing and audio, and offer workshops for prisoners to create educational gifts for their children.

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This fantasy writer has no time for literary snobbery!

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A fantasy writer has tweeted a scathing response to US talk show host Bill Maher’s condescending rant about comic book fans.

The New York Times Bestseller, Catherynne Valente, took to Twitter to tell Maher (and anyone who agrees with him) how utterly ridiculous it is to look down on people who read comic books or graphic novels.

Bill Maher had delivered a tirade on one of his shows after the death of Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee. He claimed comic books and the like are for children, not adults, and even attempted to blame the state of American politics on the fact ‘millennials’ read literature with pictures in…

Valente took him to task on Twitter, first shaming him for his hypocrisy, and then explaining how very wrong he was to be so narrow minded and ignorant.

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Life of an extraordinary nun revealed in ancient text

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An astonishing find by historians working in the archives at the University of York reveals a glimpse into the life of a brave and cunning nun.

A note scrawled in Latin, almost hidden in the margin of one of 16 huge registers was spotted by archivists: “To warn Joan of Leeds, lately nun of the house of St Clement by York, that she should return to her house,” was written by archbishop William Melton, and dated 1318. Pointing towards a runaway nun, the note intrigued historians who read on to find out more.

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