15 Literary References in The Simpsons

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The Simpsons is an animated television series about a dysfunctional-yet-loving family living in the fictional town of Springfield. The family consists of Homer, the father, and Marge, the mother, and their three children- Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The creator, Matt Groening, came up with the concept of a satirical look at the American family in the late 1980s and, along with producer James. L. Brooks, created a series of animated shorts. These short cartoons were first shown on the Tracy Ullman Show on the 19th of April 1987, and after 3 seasons on there, it was commissioned for a half hour stand-alone television show for prime time.

Still going strong today, The Simpsons is now the longest running animated series on television, and the longest running American sitcom.

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George Orwell’s 1984 Comes to Broadway!

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George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 has once again become very popular in recent times and, with that increase in popularity, the story recaptured people in a new and inspired way.

It was created in 2014 by Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan who jointly adapted the famous novel for London Playhouse Theatre. Their distillation of Orwell’s message was well received by critics, despite some reservations about such a famous story being brought to life for the modern era, and the rich, detailed dramatisation will soon be making its way to Broadway, in the USA.

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Top Ten Bookish Memes According to Tumblr

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For Reading Addicts have been on Tumblr for a little while now and on our travels through the site we have noticed how some memes are more popular than others. In the Booklr sphere of Tumblr the most popular memes are YA literature themed, and more still are about how obsessive reading addicts can be.

We have compiled the top ten most popular bookish memes at the moment for your enjoyment right here in one place. Don’t forget to come and visit us on Tumblr though, as the meme selection is ever-changing!

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10 Words That Have Crossed the Atlantic

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Linguistics expert and fellow reader, Dr Lynne Murphy, regularly blogs about her observations of the ever-adapting English language through her online alter-ego Lynneguistic (I know, haha!)

She recently caught our attention on BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth with Michael Rosen with their discussion on how US and UK words are being shared, loved, and hated on either side of the pond.

Many people in the UK use the word ‘awesome’, for example, and possibly the same amount cannot stand the hyperbolic use of the word. In the USA the phrase ‘baby bump’ is causing many grimaces as well as many giggles, while UK swear/curse words such as ‘wanker’ are breaking through thanks to social media, film and television.

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10 Brilliant Children’s Books That Celebrate Diversity

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For many of us 2016 feels like it’s been a divisive year, a year of ‘me’ and not of ‘us’, a year of divisions and dark rhetoric. If like me, you are a parent you may be worrying how all this is affecting your children and their outlook on the world.

Books are always great teachers and the books we read as children help to form our personality so if you’re looking for some diverse ideas for your children’s library, we have some suggestions for you. Read More

Eclipsed in Death: The Day Aldous Huxley (and C. S Lewis) Died

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A few years ago I heard a quote from Elvis Presley’s manager where he stated that he always hoped he’d never die in an aeroplane with Elvis. When asked why he stated ‘I don’t like the billing.’.

C. S Lewis was one of the greatest British authors to have ever lived, and similarly across the pond Aldous Huxley was celebrated at around the same time. On any ordinary day, the death of either author would make headline news but the 22nd November 1963 wasn’t an ordinary day.

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Harry Potter Yoga for Relaxed Wizards and Witches.

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In Austin, Texas two sisters Isabel Beltran and Ximena Larkin came up with the spectacular idea of combining Isabel’s expertise in yoga with people’s love for Harry Potter. Already heading up the Pints & Poses Yoga Class (which sounds ridiculously fun) at the Circle Brewery Co, they decided to commemorate the deaths of Lily and James Potter through yoga. The yoga special was held on the 30th of October, the day before the anniversary of the Lily and James’ deaths, and also when the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations start. Read More