Amazon Makes Prime Service Appeal to Bookworms with Amazon Prime Reading

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Amazon Prime gives members free shipping on their goods as well as allowing them to tune into loads of great TV shows and films for no extra charge. This service has certainly done well, but now Amazon is inviting book readers into the fold by offering Amazon Prime Reading. Read More

Kindle Kids Bundle is Perfect for Little Bibliophiles

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Reading Goals and a Whole Library in Little Hands

Say what you like about Amazon, but they certainly know the book market, inside out and that’s great news for bibliophiles! And as times have moved on, eReaders and similar technology has become the staple for many people. And now, just in time for the festive season, they’re offering an amazing Kindle kids bundle, and it’s just the ticket for budding bibliophiles growing up in a technological world.

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Amazon Customers Receiving Cash Windfalls due to Lawsuit

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If you buy eBooks, you could be in for some cash!

It was like Christmas in our little reading group yesterday, and playing Santa Claus was Amazon as they credited cash back to hundreds and hundreds of Amazon accounts after the settlement of a price fixing lawsuit.

If you received an email this week telling you that you have cash credit then it’s probably not a scam, check your Amazon account as if you downloaded eBooks between 2010 and 2012 you’ll be in for credit to spent on site. Read More

Silver Surfers Driving Digital Reading

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While Paper Books are ‘Cool for Kids’

We hear a lot on our Facebook page about the seemingly younger generation and their dependence on digital devices, but according to research carried out for eBook retailer Kobo, it’s silver surfers who are driving the digital reading revolution. And in other news, and another study we find that youngsters aren’t only outreading older people but they are buying more paper books too. Read More

Amazon Announce Critical Kindle Update

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Software Update must be done before March 22nd

If you’re like me and you only turn your Kindle on once in a blue moon then this message is definitely for you! Amazon has announced a critical Kindle update and unless you download it by 22nd March, your device will be rendered unusable.

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Recall for Kindle Chargers over Electric Shock Risk

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UK power adapters affected

Amazon has announced a voluntary recall and exchange programme for some of its power adapters today over a concern that they could prove an electrical shock risk.

There’s no need to panic, and only certain model numbers are affected but if you own a UK Kindle Fire 7” or a UK Fire Kids Edition 7” you might want to check your power adapter.

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The Great Kindle V Paper Debate

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In any group there’s always one topic that’s taboo, something that probably shouldn’t be talked about and on Reading Addicts, that subject is Kindle versus paper. People feel so strongly about this topic from both sides, showing that we all love to read, whatever the means. We often see pros and cons for both eReading and paper reading and these generally boil down to the convenience of eReading and the smell and feel of a book.

Either way it’s the one subject where things get heated on the page, and everyone likes to have their say about how they prefer to read and why. Those with beloved Kindles defend their eReaders with the ability to enjoy the large print, read heavy books and take an entire library on holiday, while paper lovers just cannot see past the simply divine feeling of holding a real book in their hands, the rustling of the paper, the memories of a previous reread and the smell of the paper

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The Rise of the TechZombies

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A new generation of human children has been found to develop some interesting and disturbing new traits thanks to decades of screen-based entertainment and education. A recent interview with one family, who want to remain anonymous, sheds light on what has been dubbed the “TechZombie Generation”, and thanks to them giving us access to their daily struggle we can perhaps learn how to combat this growing problem.

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Buying a dedicated eReader for the first time

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My experience in buying a dedicated eReader

I found myself in the fortunate position of being able to afford to treat myself to a dedicated eReader. I have the kindle and Kobo apps on my tablet but I was beginning to find certain aspects of reading on a tablet rather irritating. Mainly glare when reading outside and eye strain when low light reading. If I was going to make this purchase, it had to be right because I doubt I will be in this position again anytime soon. If I get it wrong I will have to live with it!
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Kindle Voyage – A Review

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One trick pony?
I am a confirmed e-reader, having given up paper books many, many moons ago. I love being able to carry my entire library around with me and I certainly don’t miss the smell or feel of paper. My first Kindle was a Kindle Keyboard (3rd generation), bought around about five years ago and I loved it. I moved on to tablet-based e-reading (Kindle for Android) and eventually ditched the KK altogether about a year or two ago. I have become a little dissatisfied with tablet e-reading however; my Galaxy Tab’s battery life is OK, I suppose, but any sort of intensive use drains it so that a recharge during the day becomes inconveniently necessary. The Tablet also holds many distractions and my reading rate and volume has dropped off significantly and the difficulty of reading on a tablet in full sunlight is also well documented.

So, I picked my KK up again and instantly fell back in love with the Kindle experience. I did feel the need to upgrade, however, and decided on a whim to treat myself to a new Kindle. Read More