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10 of the Most Popular Science Books of All Time

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Science has been unlocking secrets of the universe since people started asking strange and wonderful questions about how everything works. Thanks to the brave and brilliant of us asking ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘are we absolutely sure??’, we know more than ever about the world around us.

From Stephen Hawking to Carl Sagan, observations about our universe to psychology, and beyond- this list of the ultimate science books is guaranteed to get those grey cells sparking. The books in this list were selected for their popularity and compelling content but if there were any you believe should have been included please let us know! If you have read one or more of these why not send us a review?

Our choices were compiled via a selection taken from an extensive list by Book Scrolling. Many thanks to them for the inspiration and information.

Here are ten of the most popular science non-fiction books of all time to expand your mind.

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8 Perfect Books for a Historical Fiction Fan

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There is something comforting about delving into a bygone era: from an Austen-esque world of petticoats and romance, to walking the halls of a Tudor castle. Personally I am quite partial to escaping to a fictional USA in the dazzling 1920s, and running from gangsters!

Each reader has their own perfect version of escapism and for those of us who love historical fiction the choices are vast.

Take a look at these 8 we have hand picked for you, and if any tickle your fancy you can order them via the links below.

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5 Children’s Books Dealing With Death.

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There are some issues in life that are unavoidable but difficult to deal with, and the subject of death is the biggest of them all. Despite it being an inevitable occurrence, many of us do not want to think about it, let alone wonder how a child may view death or experience mourning.

Authors such as Neil Gaiman and Maurice Sendak have spoken in the past about the benefits of not hiding the darker aspects of life and death from children. In 1999 Children’s Laureate, Anthony Browne, dealt with the sometimes intense worry of a child in his book, Silly Billy (Available here: UK or US)

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Find That Book – September Successes

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If you follow us on our Facebook page you will have seen our album #FindThatBook where we take as much information as someone can give us and put it up for everyone to see and hopefully for someone to recognise the story and give us and the searcher the title of the book they’ve desperately been searching for.
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