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13 Ridiculous Ways to Store Your Books

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Storing books used to be so easy: all one would have to do is place a book on a shelf and hey presto! Your books are displayed.

Some people have decided that bookshelves are so last century and have been attempting some daring and kooky shelving options. Books can now be dangled, strung up, float on invisible shelves, be shoved in some foam padding, or displayed like an arty picture. Anything constitutes a shelf now: pipes, crates, a knife block- the ultimate recycling.

Check out some of the ridiculous idea below and see if you fancy adopting one of these shelving ideas!

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10 Alice Inspired Gifts Straight From Wonderland

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Alice is one of the best loved characters in literature, and as we get ready for the festive season we’ve been adding some new Alice inspired goodies to our online store. I am so excited at the new stock, I’d like to keep one of each design for myself. Do I really have to share?

Have a look and see what you think. We offer worldwide postage too so wherever you are we can bring Wonderland to you! Read More

Roald Dahl Story Company to donate profits to charity

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Roald Dahl once wrote:

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

The people behind the Roald Dahl Story Company Ltd have decided to take these words and live by them by donating a percentage of the company’s profits to charity.

Roald Dahl had given his time and money to charity all his life, and even helped design an innovative and life-saving valve for children with hydrocephalus. His tireless efforts to improve children’s health and well-being continued after his death when his wife created the charity The Roald Dahl Foundation in 1990.

The charity rebranded as Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity on the 1st of November 2010, and up until 2013, it focussed upon supporting children with brain and blood conditions. Post-2012 the charity decided to focus on all serious illnesses that affect children, as well as a broad aim to improve literacy.

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Artist Creates Stunning Author Woodcuts

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We all have our own way of paying homage to our favourite authors but blogger and artist Loren who goes by the name woodcuttingfool has his own unique way of showing his love for his favourite writers, but carving them into wood.

The woodcutter/writer from Hollywood, LA has created a series of woodcuts of all his favourite authors and they really are stunning. It’s astonishing that someone can create such a likeness with a few simple cuts of wood. Check them out below:

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Iconic Literary Homes Imagined

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When reading any book the characters are the most important thing, but often their surroundings are as iconic as the characters themselves. Many of the classic novels feature houses that almost have a personality of their own, where would the Bilbo be without Bag End, or Mrs Havisham without Satis House, and can you even imagine Mrs Weasley without the Burrow? Read More

5 Ways to Upcycle Old Books

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Old and forgotten books are being reincarnated as pretty trinkets thanks to some clever folk all over the internet. Butterflies, flowers, and even lampshades are being sculpted from the pages of dusty old books left to rot in attics all over the world.

DIY Everywhere collated some of the best ways to recycle old tomes, using the pages to bring us novel ideas…

Check out the images below and see if anything grabs your fancy! If you find one you like then head over to the website to watch their videos, and to cut, fold, and stick along with them. If book folding and origami are your thing just follow the links below and find your perfect book match.

Happy paper folding!

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Accurately Titled Novels from Writers’ HQ

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The clever minds of Writers’ HQ on Facebook have come up with these hilarious and scathing titles for books- inspired by real life tomes and completely tongue-in-cheek.

Writers’ HQ are a bunch of no nonsense writers on a mission to help other writers “stop fucking about” and get on with their writing. They offer support online and have writing retreats around the UK “for badass writers with no time or money”. Check out their website for inspiration.

The witty folk at Writers’ HQ Facebook page created some seriously funny honest book titles for their followers which we have compiled here. Just head on over to their page and give them a Like after you have laughed your socks off here.

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Stunning Literary Art Installations with James Trevino

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Literary art on Instagram is becoming such a popular form of creative expression and we are absolutely in love! After discovering Elizabeth Sagan’s bookish blog on Instagram, we have now discovered her masculine literary art twin: James Trevino, ‘bookstagrammer’, cat dad, and self-professed Potterhead.

James’s art is just as inspiring and creative as Elizabeth’s, and full of literary references for the keenest readers. Check him out on Instagram if you like what you see below!

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Lego Ideas gives Lego fans the chance to show off their own creations and hope for it to become a real Lego set. Winners include rocket ships, Lego trophies, 3D perspective illusions, and so much more.

Alongside the contests Lego have thought up themselves, Lego enthusiasts can enter a creation they have made at home. One such person, Lego user Hwachtman, painstakingly designed a house from Coraline (a dark fantasy children’s novella by Neil Gaiman), with an amazing attention to details. It started as a sketch taken from the movie adaptation of the book, and ended up a 3,000 Lego brick construction complete with lights. Any Lego fan can register on the site and vote for their favourite set, in hopes that it will be available to purchase one day.

Check out the images below, and the Lego Ideas website for more details, and to vote!

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10 More Humorous Reviews of Classic Novels

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A few months ago, we posted an article about 10 amusing reviews of classic books from Harry Potter to Wuthering Heights. A quick look on Amazon will reveal that there are plenty of funny reviews to be found for classic books, some serious, some genuine, but all worth a chuckle. We’ve taken another look and found ten more reviews of classic books that made us smile. Read More