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Cute Harry Potter Products For Your Muggle-Born Baby!

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As far as you know your little one is a muggle. There has been no sign of any magical ability as of yet so I guess this is it.

No need to despair though! You can still introduce your bairn to the world of Harry Potter with this inspired range fit for any fan.

So many cute Potter-esque items it almost makes me want to have another baby…

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Fake Book Titles Part 1.

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A while back we asked you to come up with some punny, funny fake book titles, and you did not disappoint!

Our resident memestress Rosie put her editing skills to the test by mocking up a select few of the best you had to offer. There were so many hilarious ideas that we will have to split them into a couple of blogs for you to enjoy…

Here is part one of our Reading Addicts’ best, punniest, fake book titles.

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Artist Creates Dante Inspired Lego Masterpiece

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Mihai Marius Mihu is a Romanian artist and, quite possibly, a big fan of Lego.

They spent seven months on a Lego masterpiece inspired by the nine circles of hell from Dante’s Divine Comedy. It is not a true recreation of what is described in the book but rather an artist’s impression of their interpretation- and who can argue with that? The artist used almost 40,000 Lego bricks to complete the nine circles!

Check them out below!

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Literature Fun with Wrong Hands

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John Atkinson is the face (and hands) of Wrong Hands cartoons. You may recognise his inimitable style from various re-posts on social media. John lives in Ottawa, Canada where he comes up with his hilarious and often genius jokes and puns on language, literature, and popular culture. His work can be seen in all over various publications including TIME magazine.

We have collated a handful of his more literary-focussed cartoons for your enjoyment, but don’t forget to visit his website (linked above) for more!

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Make Your Own Alice in Wonderland Garden!

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Many of us adore Alice in Wonderland, and have read the books and seen the movies… Now we can make our own garden!

We stumbled upon this video on Facebook last week and just had to share it with you.

It looks very simple to make, and with a little love and cultivation it could be a beautiful addition to any patio or backyard.

Check out the quick video of how to create your own. Find links below for the sweet little Alice figurines for that extra magical touch. (Choose from figures with glitter or without!)

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Harry Potter

10 Gifts Every Harry Potter Fan Needs

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Ok, so you have read all the books, watched all the movies, visited Pottermore to be sorted into your respective Hogwarts House (Hufflepuffs unite!), and even tried out some Potter-inspired yoga… But no self-respecting Potterhead is seen dead without some of the best Potter merchandise available!

From your very own Marauder’s Map to magic wand make-up brushes and even your very own Golden Snitch- check out these Potter-themed goodies!

Accio credit card!

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Under Milk Wood in a Musical Setting

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Here at For Reading Addicts, Under Milk Wood is one of our favourites from Dylan Thomas. Originally brought to life in 1954 as a radio drama, it has had many reincarnations: in film, on stage, and television.
The story follows the inhabitants of the fictional small Welsh fishing village Llareggub (read that backwards and it describes precisely what happens in small villages…) including the nagging Mrs. Ogmore-Pritchard; the old sea dog…um, cat, Captain Cat; two Mrs. Dai Breads; and others…

The first voice, or narrator, has been played by Dylan Thomas himself, Donald Houston, or recently by Michael Sheen, but the most popular First Voice was Richard Burton.

Inspired by Under Milk Wood, and using Burton’s reading of the verse, a musician going under the name of Isabella Heights has given it new life. Check how Burton’s voice is beautifully enhanced by his new musical setting…

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Setting Literary Records

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We know that when it comes to setting World Records, nothing can be weird enough, whacky enough, shocking enough or even stupid enough. We have come across people who can pull aircrafts, people who make giant houses with playing cards, some who blow the most number of balloons under a minute and the like. But as reading addicts, we are definitely interested in world records related to reading, writing and of course, books! Read More

Take a Stroll Through the Abandoned Wizard of Oz Theme Park

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In 1970s North Carolina, USA, two bright sparks, brothers Grover and Harry Robbins, dreamed up the ultimate Wizard of Oz theme park. Sadly, just prior to the park’s opening, Grover passed away, and he never got to see its initial success. The park was popular at first, however after a decade of waning visitor numbers the project had to be abandoned.

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