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J.K. Rowling Responds to Couple’s Harry Potter-Themed Proposal

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All wedding proposals are magical, but they don’t get much more magical than a Harry Potter-themed proposal. As a huge fan of J.K. Rowling’s fantasy series, Heather Pearson decided to ask her girlfriend, Kelsey Stacey, to marry her this Halloween just gone with a Potter-themed proposal.

The proposal quickly made the rounds online, and it wasn’t long before Rowling herself chimed in. Plans for the proposal began when 26-year-old Heather discovered an artist who folds the pages of books to create special messages. Heather ordered a design made from her and her girlfriend’s favourite Harry Potter book, The Goblet of Fire, which read “Marry Me?” Read More

The Best of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ Authors Game

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Whose Line Is It Anyway has been around since 1988, originating in the UK with a handful of comedy geniuses- Josie Lawrence, Paul Merton, John Sessions, and Rory Bremner, among others. Consisting of short games that test the comedians’ improv skills, with plenty of audience participation, it soon became a televisual favourite.

The format has since been adopted by the USA but this pure comedy brilliance started with this original UK series… Enjoy these 10 snippets of their fantastic ‘Authors’ game.

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Todd Bol, Founder of the Little Free Library Movement Dies

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When Todd Bol used an old door to create a tiny library for his garden in 2009 he can’t have imagined the impact it would have. His friends and neighbours all loved the idea and less than a year later he’d made more, some for sale, some he gave away.

Eventually he got right behind the movement, setting himself a goal to create 2,150, which would beat the number of Carnegie libraries in the USA, less than a decade later and there are 75,000 tiny libraries on the front lawns of houses of eight-eight countries in the world.
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What would ‘A World Without Hermione’ be like?

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Hermione Granger, powerful witch and great friend, was key in the defeat of Voldemort. Without Hermione what would’ve happened to Harry and Ron? They’d have almost certainly been killed, or worse- expelled!

The Harry Potter Alliance have been investigating gender inequality in education and what impact women make in the world when they’re given the same opportunities as men. Using the hashtag #WithoutHermione, the campaign hopes to highlight the importance of encouraging women and girls in education- what would have been the fate of Hogwarts without Ginny, Cho, Tonks, and McGonagall? Spoiler alert: everyone would’ve died.

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‘She Is Booked’ bookmarks support women’s causes

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Bookmarks can say a lot about a reader, and She Is Booked hope you will make a statement with their latest project.

She Is Booked was launched on the 19th of October this year as an online shop.

They sell bookmarks with two differing designs: “She Is Booked”  and, “I Read Like A Girl” with 100% of proceeds donated to women’s charities.

With the #MeToo movement was their inspiration in the first place, writers and entrepreneurs Natasha Minoso and Jacqueline Mellow began their cause with donations to RAINN (The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) with hopes to reach out to more charities eventually.

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Potter Fans’ Engagement Makes J.K. Rowling Cry Happy Tears

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Harry Potter remains as popular with kids and adults alike, but I doubt anyone is as enamoured with the fantasy series as these folk…

Many of the people who were fans of the book as children and teenagers have grown into adults who are equally obsessed with it. The world of magical beings, strange creatures, and amazing heroes, continues to hold a place in their hearts.

J.K. Rowling, author of the novels and Queen of Twitter, stumbled upon a photo posted by a fan in which they show off their Potter-inspired ring tattoos. The most amazing thing? They’re a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin! Who’d have thought people from these two very different Hogwarts houses could fall in love?

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School Dance Team Goes Viral with Book-Themed Dances

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A school dance team from Arizona, USA is exploding in popularity all over the internet with their amazing performances.

Walden Grove High School’s dance team have been very busy these past few years with creative and fun dance routines based on their favourite books. Currently going viral, especially among Harry Potter fans, is their latest dance that follows Harry’s journey from the cupboard under the stairs to his final fight with Voldemort.

The talented, young dancers have also appeared on America’s Got Talent, dancing as characters from The Wizard of Oz, impressing both the audience and the judges to go through to the next round.

Check out their amazing dance routines below!

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6 Literary Road Trips to Fuel Inspiration

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There’s nothing better than the concept of bringing a story to life. It’s why so many of our favorite novels have made it to Hollywood and onto our TVs — there’s something truly magical about recreating the imagined. Even better, we love those narratives that feature a trying or thought-provoking journey. It’s a way for readers to connect with the characters and resonate with the story.

There are a handful of works that do a particularly good job at inspiring readers to follow the journeys laid out among the pages — particularly travel novels. Iconic authors like Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck, Tom Wolfe and many others used writing as a way to document their adventures on the open road, and in some ways, seek out answers to life’s greatest questions.
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Film combo challenge brings us 10 hilarious literary adaptations

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Those clever folk at love to come up with funny challenges for their followers to join in with. The film combo challenge is one of their best- with people all over the world squashing film titles together to make one ridiculous and intriguing movie titles.

We have grabbed any literary adaptation or movie inspired by literature from their list for your amusement but make sure you pop over to their site to see more!

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