Jokes to Make a Reading Addict Smile

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All Reading Addicts need a bit of a laugh now and again so we have scoured the internet for some of the best literary puns, bookish jokes, and wordy funnies around. A little bit of fun wordplay can brighten up even the dullest days for many readers and writers, especially when it is particularly clever… Or particularly daft.

We hope to make you giggle, groan, and guffaw!

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Twenty Tricky Tongue Twisters

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Language is an amazing thing, it can be used to comfort, to warn, to reassure, to frighten, to make us cry, and make us laugh. The English language is particularly complicated and there have been plenty of rhymes that demonstrate the contradictory nature of British English and how it is easy to confuse even the most knowledgeable of native speakers with just a few well chosen words. Read More

Celebrating the Birth of the Emoticon and its Pictogram Cousin Emoji.

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There is a little contention surrounding when the emoticon was first created, and by whom, with the first apparent sighting being in a 1648 poem penned by Robert Herrick. However this is said to be a typo, along with the ‘winking smilie’ President Lincoln was reported to have written into his speech in 1862.

It has been since noted that the first documented sighting of the Smiley and Frowny emoticons that we know and love (?) today was in 1982.

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OED Adds Six ‘Dahlesque’ Words for Centenary

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The whole world has gone crazy for the biggest Roald Dahl Day ever, as we celebrate one hundred years since the author’s birth. Dahl was a steam train of imagination, so much so in fact that there’s an entire dictionary of Dahl’s words and phrases, and now to celebrate the centenary of the author’s birth, the Oxford English Dictionary is adding six new words to the mainstream language too. Read More

A Dictionary Full of Victorian Slang

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I love how language is always in a state of flux, constantly changing and evolving with words coming into and falling out of fashion. From the recent ‘don’t be jel be reem’ that is now so last year to the current fashion of having one’s eyebrows ‘on fleek’ the English language is a rich stew of words taken from and adapted from languages around the world or simply made up and popularised through social media.

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15 Fantastic English Factoids and Idioms

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English is a funny old language, influenced by centuries of history and wonderful writers. Our language has evolved many times through the centuries, and continues to evolve still, and sometimes sayings and idioms live on after the language changes, which means they don’t always make much sense. Read More

8 Anglo Saxon Words we Need to Bring Back

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The English language is a fluid thing, it is in a constant state flux, evolving all the time with words falling out of favour and new ones replacing them, archaic words enjoying a resurgence and acronyms being recognised as a word in its own right. But what of early English, I’m talking about Anglo Saxon English from way back in time some 1,000 years ago?

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Oxford English Dictionary Upset the Purists with New Words

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ICYMI, The Oxford English Dictionary has done its yearly addition of new words and acronyms and some of them are likely to have you ROFL, while upsetting the purists of the English language. The additions have never more reflected the digital world we now live in, and what we also see is the world shrinking as American and Australian words enter our vocabulary.

TL;DR? The dictionary has added a load of new words, including Butt Ugly and various online acronyms. Read More