Two Volunteers Build Mobile Library for Greek Refugee Camps

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Laura Samira Naude and Esther ten Zijthoff were volunteering in refugee camps in Greece when they realised that, along with food and shelter, people there needed a way to study in order to help rebuild their lives. The two then founded the Education Community Hope and Opportunity (Echo) and open a library opened wheels. Read More

Dustman Builds Free Library from Discarded Books

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They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and it’s long been said that books are the greatest treasure of them all. A dustbin man from Bogota, Colombia has earned the title The Lord of the Books as for the last twenty years he has rescued 20,000 thrown away books from the refuse, creating a free library. Read More

Book Donations Required After School Fire

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The Kugaardjuq School in Kugaaruk serves a remote community with three hundred students and 45 employees. The school is a lifeline in such a remote community of just 900, but in March disaster struck as the school was gutted by fire. An arsonist has been charged with the crime of burning down the school, but while most media outlets are reporting the fire, we’re supporting an appeal for donated books! Read More

15 Thoughtful Library Quotes

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Reading Addicts hardly ever forget their first visit to a library… I remember the smell, the nice man at the front desk, the sound of the ink stamp on the front page… As a young child those comforting memories stay with us for a long time. Many of us still frequent our local library, and famous people are no different.

Here are 15 quotes about libraries from famous names you may recognise.

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Carnegie Trust Survey Smashes Notion that Libraries are Outdated

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Over the last few years in the UK we’ve seen funding to public services cut more than ever before, and libraries, particularly community ones have been on the front line as the axe has fallen. We’ve never had so many libraries under threat, and it’s left many asking whether libraries still have an important role in the community. Some have even claimed that with the Internet, the library isn’t as essential as it was before. Read More

British Library Plans Extension and New Facilities

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It’s reported today that the British Library is to get a big extension, 100,000 sq ft in all, plus a new entrance hall, extra exhibition space and new facilities for writers and academics who use the library.

Late last year it was reported that the library site was to have a 2.8 acre development to the north of the library dubbed the Knowledge Quarter and this area will be full of commercial firms who use the library and complement its existence.

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More Favourite Library Scenes on Television

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After the success of our previous list of Favourite Library Scenes on Television, and with further suggestions from our wonderful Reading Addicts, we have come up with yet more TV libraries to dream about. We have had Sunnydale High’s school library, Gotham City Library, Pawnee Library, and more… But you let us know which we had forgotten, some of which I couldn’t believe I had neglected to mention! Which had been left out..?

Let’s see, shall we?

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The Best Response To The Oscars Mix-Up!

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The Oscars has seen its fair share of controversy, mishaps, and mistakes, and 2017 was no exception!

A confused Warren Beatty and an oblivious Faye Dunaway were meant to announce the winner of Best Picture but had been given the Best Actress card by mistake. This meant ‘La La Land’ was announced as Best Picture instead of the true winner ‘Moonlight’!

After the mistake was rectified, and red faces had stopped burning from embarrassment, people took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the matter…

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Celebrating the Bookmobile

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Coming from a rural location, the sight of the mobile library as a child was a welcome one, and these mobile libraries still operate around the UK, albeit under limited funding and resources. Around the world and through history people have relied on these bookmobiles for education and literary enlightenment, especially in hard to reach locations, and often funded by charity. Read More