Bob Dylan Finally Accepts Nobel Prize for Literature

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Opinion was divided when it was announced that the singer/songwriter Bob Dylan would be awarded the Nobel prize for literature back in October of last year. Further controversy was caused when Dylan failed to pick up the award or give the lecture that’s required in order to receive the prize and the 8 million kroner ($900,000/£727,000) that goes with it. Read More

The Wild Detectives Turn Classics Into Clickbait.

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The Wild Detectives was founded by Javier Garcia del Moral and Paco Vique who were so passionate about books, food, and decent alcoholic drinks, that they created Los Detectives Salvajes. Their mission statement is as follows: “The Wild Detectives is to curate all those things that matter, those serious pleasures which turn life into experience”

Based now in Dallas, Texas (too far away from me, for my liking!) the team bring the bookish people of Dallas a place to be to enjoy locally brewed beer, locally roasted coffee and, most importantly, a rich selection of books, records, and stimulating conversation. They have impressed so many that they were invited to give a TedXTalk at the University of Texas to speak about why they decided to put a bar in their bookshop.

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World’s Longest Books: Top Ten

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We all love reading, but there is a slight hint of shock when we discover that the book we wanted to read is actually the size of a brick. Many readers tend to choose books depending on their length and how much time it might take to finish them. Although many wouldn’t mind reading a book that is more than 1000 or 1500 pages, you might just think twice before starting books that fall into the category- longest books in history. Read More

20 Unintentional Innuendo Book Titles

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Rudyard Kipling once apparently said: “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind” and I believe this to be true. Writers create worlds with their words, sparking images in people’s minds, and inspiring others to ponder upon things they may not have done before.

Words can be a wonder.

Sometimes, however, our words can make ridiculous jokes, we can interpret things the wrong way, and laugh at images conjured where they were not intended.

This is one of those times. Welcome to the world of unintentional innuendo…

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Top 50 Worst Film Adaptations According to You

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Film adaptations of our favourite books can be worrisome: will they cast the right people, will the story mirror what we have read, will they change the ending? We asked you this question- “Which book’s film adaptation would you like to see dumped in the bargain bin?” and oh boy, did you have some answers! We ended up with over 1500 votes for over 50 different adaptations which were found to rattle our Reading Addicts.

Unfortunately we couldn’t include the answer “All of them!” that some of you offered, but instead we have collected and collated all your other answers and here are the results.

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Sci-Fi Writer Creates Fun New Game on Twitter

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Science fiction and horror writer, Marc Laidlaw, has recently climbed the heady heights of viral fame thanks to one of his humorous tweets.

On March 2nd 2017, he tweeted an idea of how to make any first line of a book more interesting by simply adding one more line… “And then the murders began.”

One of our favourite authors, Neil Gaiman, even got involved suggesting a line from Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

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6 Books that Offer Insight into The Troubles

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Ireland has a long and beautiful history, but much of it has been marked with fighting for an independent Ireland. The Irish War for Independence run from 1919 to 1921 but the Irish Republic Army would continue for much of the 20th century, culminating in The Troubles in Northern Ireland during the latter half of the 20th century.

Northern Ireland and the UK now celebrate tentative success in a peace agreement, but the history of the struggle from both sides is a fascinating one. Northern Irish and British readers of a certain age will well remember the fear and news of the time, marred by many atrocities.

If you’re looking for a better understanding of this time in Ireland’s history then we have ten books that offer an insight into this time, some fiction, some nonfiction, but all fascinating and highly recommended.

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10 Comical Tweets About Classic Literature

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Sometimes Twitter provides the best means for procrastination and is often a rich treasure trove of hilarity. This is one of those times. So you don’t have to trawl through a bunch of boring tweets about what someone is having for their lunch just to get a giggle out of a pun further down, we have collected 10 of the funniest literary quips there.

Readers can be some of the funniest, punniest, most comical tweeters around, just take a look…

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Ten Quotes to Celebrate Ovid the Poet

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The Roman poet Ovid was born on March 20th 43BC, living during the reign of the first Roman Emperor Augustus. His work is often described as the last love elegist, an erotic writer, and is best known for his epic Metamorphoses. 

Ovid influenced an extensive range of writers through the years, from Shakespeare to James Joyce, and even Bob Dylan who borrowed lines for a handful of his songs.

To celebrate his birthday we have gathered some lines and quotes attributed to the great poet himself…

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