Woman finds cure for writer’s block in the strangest place

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Amy Daws is an American author who recently quit her day job to write full time, but was soon struck down by the dreaded writer’s block. It must have been pretty frightening not knowing when the words will start flowing again so Amy kept herself busy, hoping it would help.

In her own words:

It was devastating. I tried everything to get out of my funk, but nothing was working!

“Then one day, I took my car in for new tires at Tires Tires Tires and magically blasted out like 5,000 words in their fabulous waiting room. It was incredible. And the scenery wasn’t bad either! Complimentary coffee that was actually delicious, comfortable seating, free cookies, friendly staff.

I had found my mother ship!”

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10 Hilarious Book Reviews

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Whether you love a book or hate it, sometimes it just needs to be reviewed. Opinions in reviews matter when it comes to reading material- especially for those of us who enjoy knowing a little about a book before we read it.

Online book reviews can be a little hit-and-miss as people can review anonymously and occasionally the people reviewing can be a little cheeky…

Check out these 10 hilarious book reviews posted online. Let us know if you agree with any of them!

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Exciting Announcement from the Author of The Book Thief

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Markus Zusak – author of The Book Thief– has been pretty quiet since the release and subsequent success of his novel. The prize-winning Aussie writer has been publishing works since 1999, but after The Book Thief he went quiet, with fans wondering when his next big hit novel would come.

Markus must have felt an enormous pressure, and as most writers are wont to do he began to doubt he had another great story in him. Readers all over the world wrote to encourage him, thanking him for their favourite book of his, and eventually Markus announced he was ready… Watch his message to his fans below.

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10 of the Most Popular Science Books of All Time

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Science has been unlocking secrets of the universe since people started asking strange and wonderful questions about how everything works. Thanks to the brave and brilliant of us asking ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘are we absolutely sure??’, we know more than ever about the world around us.

From Stephen Hawking to Carl Sagan, observations about our universe to psychology, and beyond- this list of the ultimate science books is guaranteed to get those grey cells sparking. The books in this list were selected for their popularity and compelling content but if there were any you believe should have been included please let us know! If you have read one or more of these why not send us a review?

Our choices were compiled via a selection taken from an extensive list by Book Scrolling. Many thanks to them for the inspiration and information.

Here are ten of the most popular science non-fiction books of all time to expand your mind.

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Harriet Tubman Day – 5 Great Reads

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Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave who went on to become a saviour to many, an abolitionist and anti-slavery activist. Born into slavery in around 1822, Tubman escaped to freedom, and subsequently made some thirteen missions back to the south, helping to rescue around 70 families using a network of safe houses known as the underground railroad.

When the Civil War began, Tubman worked for the Union Army and was the first woman to lead an armed expedition when she led the raid at Combahee Ferry, which liberated more then 700 slaves. Read More

Sun Newspaper ‘Journalist’ Reveals Frankenstein Ignorance and Gets Mocked on Twitter

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There should be one very red-faced Sun Newspaper journalist today after they judged students to be ‘snowflakes’ for understanding Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. 

The article in question mocked students who studied Frankenstein, who had correctly reflected on how the monster created by Dr Frankenstein was a misunderstood and sympathetic figure. A screenshot of the ignorant Tweet was saved (see right). Their article and the Tweet promoting it have since been deleted, but not before it was roundly trolled by those of us who had dared to read the book and understand its themes.

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Movie Adaptations of Pearl S Buck’s Novels

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Recently we have been discussing on our Facebook page, and our Facebook Book Club ‘The Cwts’the controversial opinion ‘sometimes a movie adaptation is better than the book’. Despite many of us agreeing that, generally speaking, the book is best- we also recognise when a movie does the book justice and even work far better as a movie than a novel.

One such writer whose work has been adapted is award-winning novelist Pearl S. Buck. Born to Christian missionary parents in June 1892, Buck spent many years living in China- a source of inspiration for many of her novels.

The American writer is well-known for her humanitarian efforts as well as her novels, and a select few of her works have been adapted for the big screen. She won the ‘Nobel Prize’ for Literature in 1938, and many class her as one of the great writers in literature. Her beautiful prose and heartfelt stories touch many people so it is no wonder people also enjoy the movies based on her books.

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Alphabet Coins Coming to a Purse Near You!

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From the Angel of the North to a Zebra Crossing… 

What makes someone quintessentially British? Would it be their love for a full English breakfast? Or their amazing talent for queuing? The Royal Mint has designed a new and exciting (for coin enthusiasts) collection of ten pence pieces.

The collection will consist of 26 new 10p designs intended to be an A to Z of what puts the GREAT in Great Britain.

From the 1st of March 2018, James Bond, fish and chips, and the Loch Ness Monster will be celebrated in the new collection, among many more!

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Mary Shelley’s literary link to Bath to be honoured with a plaque

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Frankenstein began as a short story referred to by Lord Byron as a “Pygmalion” tale of making a human. With encouragement from her husband, Mary Godwin (Shelley) decided to write a longer version of that nightmare pygmalion. At first it was believed that Mary wrote the full novel of her famous tale Frankenstein during a spooky night telling stories with Lord Byron and her husband Percy Shelley. In 2016, however, it came to light that Mary had written much of the book two years previously while staying in Bath, home of the famous English Roman baths.

Outside of the famous Pump Room and Roman baths is the only surviving part of the print shop where Mary lodged in rooms upstairs. The area is now in use as an electricity substation after the shop’s demolishment in the 19th century. The celebratory plaque will be beside a trap-door hidden in the flagstones, as close as possible to where the living quarters of Mary Shelley once stood.

The plaque will be unveiled by an author of a recent study of Frankenstein, Christopher Frayling, who has been campaigning for a plaque for years.

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Terminally Ill Author Emma Hannigan’s Latest Book Reaches No. 1 in the Irish Book Charts

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Emma Hannigan’s latest book, Letters to My Daughters has shot to the top of the Irish book charts following a campaign which begun when the author announced earlier this month that her cancer is now terminal and that all her options have been exhausted. Following the release of her latest book, readers and fellow authors have rallied together to make her final book a No. 1 bestseller.

As the Guardian reports, official book sales monitor Nielsen has sold 4,065 copies in the last week, making it Ireland’s bestselling title by some margin against its competitors. Fellow author Patricia Scanlan has been a part of the campaign dedicated to promoting the book and shared her excitement on Twitter. Read More