Margaret Atwood comes to the rescue on Twitter

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Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, came to a student’s rescue on Twitter after they reached out to her for answers.

Asking via the Twitter handle ‘GavrilovMomchil’, they write:

“My crazy English teacher is making us write essays on #TheHandmaidsTale where we are supposed to answer why @MargaretAtwood put the theme of power and control in the book. We do not have telepathy with @MargaretAtwood so I guess twitter is a close second… Helpppp!!!”

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Winning GOP Candidate Also Writes Bigfoot Erotica

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‘Bigfoot erotica’ are two words I never thought to put together in a sentence, and yet here we are.

A GOP candidate, and winner of the latest congressional race in Virginia, has been labelled a “Bigfoot erotica devotee”. Denver Riggleman won against Democrat Leslie Cockburn in the 5th District’s race on 6th Nov ’18. Cockburn, former investigative journalist and “60 Minutes” producer, attempted to derail their opponent by alleging he was unfit for office after his odd erotica was leaked online.

This claim came after Cockburn also accused their opponent of consorting with a white supremacist- however, this news came as less of a shock than the Bigfoot erotica.

Despite Cockburn’s accusation, the GOP candidate insisted the book, The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him, was written as a joke between friends.

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‘Chloe Has Chlamydia’ is the latest sex ed book we all need

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Chloe Has Chlamydia is an illustrated storybook for adults about a horny koala who had a little too much unsafe fun. After she contracts chlamydia, Chloe attempts to educate herself by talking openly to her friends and lovers.

Adults of all ages will enjoy this cheeky book which promotes a healthy sex life and raises STD awareness with sassy humour. The STD crisis needs non-judgmental conversations about sexual health that help break down stigma- and this book will help instigate these important conversations.

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Stephen King reads excerpt from his new book ‘Elevation’.

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Stephen King is back with a new story to intrigue and entertain us.

Elevation is a sleek new mystery from the prolific author who brought us classics like The Shining and It. King takes us back to Castle Rock to explore the novel’s themes of discrimination and inclusion.

If you cannot wait to get your hands on the new book, Stephen King offers a sneaky peek with an exclusive excerpt first granted to Entertainment Weekly. 

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Writer Brands Disney’s Aladdin “Racist,” Calls for Feminist Endings to the Company’s Fairytales

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Scarlett Curtis, the daughter of famed British screenwriter, producer and film director Richard Curtis, has stated she believes Disney’s Aladdin is ” a little bit racist” and has called for feminist endings to more of Disney’s fairytale stories. While appearing on Good Morning Britain, Scarlett stated the films give children, particularly girls, an “unrealistic expectation” of life and teaches young girls they should pursue their Prince Charming.

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Ladybird books find surprising humour in Brexit fiasco

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Ladybird Books for Grown Ups have been around for a while now, with titles such as The Husband, The Hangover, and The Midlife Crisis, they speak to us on a personal level…

The first 8 books were published back in 2015 and now there are over 30 titles in the collection written by the comedy geniuses Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris. the pari are also well known for their work on television series Miranda, Mitchell & Webb, and Charlie Brooker’s satirical Newswipe. 

Some topics such as ‘The Meeting’ or ‘The People Next Door’ give an otherwise dull subject matter a witty and cheeky slant, and the latest book in the project is one subject we are all getting rather sick of – Brexit.

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Pussy Riot’s Guide to Activism

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Pussy Riot are a punk protest band and group of political activists striving for freedom from Putin’s dictator-style leadership. Their songs cover feminist themes of equality, equal rights, LGBT+ rights, and the fight against Russia’s patriarchal, religious political structure.

Pussy Riot became well known back in 2012 when they gave an impromptu performance of their punk prayer “Holy Shit” at a Moscow cathedral. Five of the band members broke into Christ the Saviour to perform “Holy Shit” -a condemnation of the Russian Orthodox church’s close ties to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin: “Holy Mother, Blessed Virgin- chase Putin out!” Three of them were arrested for ‘hooliganism’ and each jailed for 2 years.

For those of us who are ready to help take on toxic authoritarian governments, Nadya Tolokonnikova, founding member of Pussy Riot and feminist icon, has written her book ‘Read and Riot: A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism’. 

Every good patriarchy-smashing feminist needs it on their shelf!

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Potter Fans’ Engagement Makes J.K. Rowling Cry Happy Tears

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Harry Potter remains as popular with kids and adults alike, but I doubt anyone is as enamoured with the fantasy series as these folk…

Many of the people who were fans of the book as children and teenagers have grown into adults who are equally obsessed with it. The world of magical beings, strange creatures, and amazing heroes, continues to hold a place in their hearts.

J.K. Rowling, author of the novels and Queen of Twitter, stumbled upon a photo posted by a fan in which they show off their Potter-inspired ring tattoos. The most amazing thing? They’re a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin! Who’d have thought people from these two very different Hogwarts houses could fall in love?

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