Chuck Palahniuk’s Snowflake Quote Inspires Insult

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London Evening Standard have confirmation from Chuck Palahniuk, that the now-popular insult “snowflake” is indeed from his book, Fight Club.

Speaking from his home in Oregan, Chuck told the LES: “It does come from Fight Club. There is a line, ‘You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

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Surge of Sales for Dystopia Forces Penguin to Reprint Orwell’s 1984

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75,000 New Copies to be Printed

Penguin, the publisher of classic dystopian novel 1984 has ordered a 75,000 copy reprint of the book this week in demand of a surge in sales since President Trump’s inauguration. 1984 has been long compared with political movements, but in the world of alternative facts, it seems commentators believe we have finally descended in a world of ‘newspeak’ and sales of the novel are the highest for years and it’s the Number 1 bestseller on Amazon right now. Read More

10 Bookish Protest Signs from the Women’s March

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On Saturday 21st January, 2017, women marched in peaceful protest. Over 3 million people all over the world marched in solidarity with American women, and showed their love and understanding with some of the most clever, funny, and inspirational protest signs around. We have collected some of these signs from various protests- all bookish and literary inspired! On the right you can see the ACTUAL Margaret Atwood who joined the march.

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