Andrea Levy, dies age 62

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British author Andrea Levy was born on 7 March 1956 to Jamaican parents. Her father came to Britain on Empire Windrush in 1948, and her mother followed not long after. It is no surprise then, that Levy’s experience of growing up black in a country that was still predominately white is reflected in her novels which focus on the Windrush Generation, British Jamaicans and their experiences of racial, cultural and national identity.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Will Play Satan in Good Omens, Plus a Trailer and Release Date!

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With teasers and gossip and anticipation abound, we’re all waiting not too patiently for the Good Omens adaptation to start on Amazon, and now Neil Gaiman has announced that Benedict Cumberbatch will play Satan in the adaptation.

Gaiman says that Cumberbatch’s Prince of Darkness will be a giant animated Satan who appears 400 feet high. The star, known for Sherlock and other things, will appear on episode six of the series and we now also have a release date of 31st May too!

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Life of an extraordinary nun revealed in ancient text

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An astonishing find by historians working in the archives at the University of York reveals a glimpse into the life of a brave and cunning nun.

A note scrawled in Latin, almost hidden in the margin of one of 16 huge registers was spotted by archivists: “To warn Joan of Leeds, lately nun of the house of St Clement by York, that she should return to her house,” was written by archbishop William Melton, and dated 1318. Pointing towards a runaway nun, the note intrigued historians who read on to find out more.

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Amazon’s Dark Tower Adaptation Goes into Production Soon

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The movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower was not well received by fans, but we have heard that Amazon Studios are working on a series adaptation and were hoping it might offer a better adaptation of the books.

The show is being developed by Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead), Akiva Goldsman (Titans, Star Trek: Discovery) and Stephen King himself and it looks as though shooting will start in mid-April!
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Dracula Adaptation by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat Coming Soon!

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Dracula is back!

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are best known for their work on the BBC’s Doctor Who and Sherlock respectively. After Moffat’s departure from the Doctor Who team, and Benedict Cumberbatch busily working with the Marvel universe, the two writers have had some time to work on new material.

They’ve chosen to dig up the old story of Dracula by Bram Stoker, and bring it to life in the form of a mini series with the help from the BBC and Netflix.

Set in Victorian Britain, this version will star Claes Bang (The Affair) as the undead hero Dracula: “the vampire who made evil sexy”, alongside Dolly Wells (Doll and Em), John Heffernan (The Crown), and Joanna Scanlan (Notes on a Scandal).

It will hit our screens this year, on the BBC in the UK and on Netflix internationally.

Keep an eye out for the trailer once filming commences!

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Hilarious Valentine’s Cards for Harry Potter Fans!

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Valentine’s Day should be magical, and a moment to share how you feel about the object of your affections. If you are both fans of Harry Potter and his whole wizarding world then artist Ben Kling has what you need.

From his Tumblr page, Ben shows us some of his best work to date- Harry Potter themed Valentine’s cards! Not all of them are PG13- be warned- and they are all slightly awkward, pun-filled, and full of magic.

If you love someone who should’ve attended Hogwarts then we have the cards for you, but be warned- there is the occasional swear word and distinct lack of romance…

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Hulu’s Catch-22 Teaser Trailer Released

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In late 2017, it was announced that George Clooney was going to direct and star in a TV adaptation of Joseph Heller’s classic novel Catch-22. The show was later picked up by Hulu who will air it on it’s streaming site. If you’re a fan of the original novel and have been looking forward to this adaptation then you’ll be pleased to learn that the first teaser trailer has been released, and it all looks very promising.

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Disney’s live-action movie ‘Aladdin’ trailer released

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Aladdin, Genie, and Jasmine are back… And this time they are live-action!

The Disney animation was loosely based on a Middle Eastern folk tale of Aladdin which features in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (The Arabian Nights). Antoine Galland added the story Aladdin and the Magic Lamp to the collection in the 18th century, attributing it to a Syrian storyteller, Youhenna Diab.

Since it first appeared Aladdin and the Magic Lamp has been one of the best known and most retold of all the tales despite being one of the newest additions. This would in part be down to Disney and their popular animated movie adaptation Aladdin starring the late Robin Williams as the Genie. With their version Disney took quite the creative licence with the plot, and it has since been accused of racism.

Disney have decided to reimagine their first adaptation in a live-action romp directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Will Smith as the Genie of the lamp. After some discussion online about whether the Genie will be blue or not, Will Smith finally showed fans what he looks like as Genie on Instagram…

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6th Graders Recreate Iconic Book Covers for Black History Month

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Book covers by Black authors have been recreated by a class of 6th grade students from Milwaukee to celebrate Black History Month.

Thanks to educator Terrance Sims, the class were able to accurately recreate some of the most iconic book covers and pay homage to Black voices. Sims ensures each Black History Month is marked by creating a project meant to highlight the talent, strength, and importance of Black leaders, artists, and culture.

This year’s project was inspired by the class’s book club who came up with the idea, and Sims gave it the title ‘Representation is Key’. The recreations (below) are really well done, and the pride the kids feel in themselves and the Black icons, is clear.  Read More

British Council Publishes George Orwell Essay It Originally Declined

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In 1946, just after the end of the Second World War, George Orwell submitted a culinary essay to the British Council called British Cookery, which he aimed to serve as a defence for the “slightly barbarous” diet of the Brits. The British Council, despite enjoying Orwell’s essay, opted not to publish it as Britain was still on rationing following the war and felt the timing wasn’t right. Now, more than 70 years after it was originally submitted, an arts foundation in England has released the essay, along with the very nice rejection letter he received for it.


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