On Writing

The Blank Page

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It’s a lovely evening. The sun is about to set. There is a beautiful breeze flowing. You have a cup of your favourite coffee beside you. Your laptop is in your hand (or a pen if you prefer). You are all set to let your creativity flow. You touch your pen to paper and…..

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21 Words Book Lovers Will Appreciate

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As we suspect you rather like reading, and you possibly enjoy a decent word now and again, we have collated some fun and interesting words for your perusal. You may notice they are not all to an OED standard, in fact a few may not even be English at all, but they are nonetheless fairly exciting and ultimately satisfying to any book lover.

Take a look at our slideshow of some bookish words to tickle your fancy…

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Become a Fortune Teller to the World!

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Do you wait in anticipation for that delicious, crunchy, golden brown treat at the end of a Chinese meal? Do you believe that a 2 line message is going to change your world? Well, if yes, you aren’t the only one.

Most people love the nutty, butter flavoured fortune cookies offered at many Chinese restaurants across the world. And the messages inside them are sometimes taken very seriously. Personally, I am really disappointed if my Chinese meal does not end with a fortune cookie. Read More