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Top 50 Worst Film Adaptations According to You

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Film adaptations of our favourite books can be worrisome: will they cast the right people, will the story mirror what we have read, will they change the ending? We asked you this question- “Which book’s film adaptation would you like to see dumped in the bargain bin?” and oh boy, did you have some answers! We ended up with over 1500 votes for over 50 different adaptations which were found to rattle our Reading Addicts.

Unfortunately we couldn’t include the answer “All of them!” that some of you offered, but instead we have collected and collated all your other answers and here are the results.

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6 Books that Capture the Spirit of Rock and Roll

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Rock and Roll is a genre of popular music that originated and evolved in the United States during the late 1940s and 1950s. While many will instantly think of Elvis, Rock and Roll, or Rock ‘n’ Roll actually has its roots in African American musical styles and is influenced by gospel, Jazz, boogie woogie, and rhythm and blues.

Pioneered by singers such as the Boswell Sisters and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, it would be big names like Chuck Berry who would go down in history as creating this new genre. Read More

10 Books for the TBR if You Loved Tom Hardy’s Taboo

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Am I the only one sucked into the weird and wonderful world of Taboo? The show is currently airing on the BBC, in the US and on Amazon Prime, starring Tom Hardy. It’s his own production, written by his father, and it’s about the most darkly different show on the television right now.

Taboo has aired to mixed reviews, but generally the reception has been good. What it lacks sometimes in dialogue it makes up for in sheer weirdness full of magic, incest and surrealism, and some fantastic imagery. Read More

Top 50 Happily Never After Novels

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The old ‘happily ever after’ trope can become tired and predictable, so many authors decide to buck the trend and write a less satisfying ending: a “happily NEVER after”, if you will.

We asked you, our faithful Reading Addicts, for your favourite and most memorable fiction that ends with a disturbingly unhappy result. You gave us nearly 800 replies, steeped in your tears as you remembered deaths and disasters that had befallen your favourite characters. We have tallied them up and grouped the 50 novels with the most mentions to create this list of the unhappiest endings you have read.

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20 Recommended Books with an Unreliable Narrator

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I read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro recently and until page 108 I didn’t have the faintest idea what was going on and it got me thinking about books told from the point of view of an unreliable narrator. We’ve noticed a trend for this type of narration recently, Gone Girl, Room, Girl on the Train, and it got us thinking about recommendations, if you love stories that unfurl slowly and often lie to you along the way. Read More

Hit of the Lits: FRA Top 40 – January

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Hit of the Lits – FRA Top 40

Every month we run a poll on site asking you for your favourite reads for the previous month, a kind of bookish top of the pops. For the first month of 2017 we received over 400 replies with over 200 different boos being mentioned. As we always do, and according to your votes we’ve whittled that list down to a Top 40 Hit of the Lits, and we have that here for you now! Read More

Read Your Way Around the Muslim Ban Countries

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PotUS 45’s current travel restrictions, dubbed the ‘Muslim travel ban’ have been little out of the news all week as restrictions are put on all travellers, as opposed to those involved in criminality. If you’re outraged by this movement that has left both foreign travellers and Green Card holders stranded, then you may be looking to show some support, and as always we’re doing that in a bookish way, recommending authors from the Muslim ban countries. Read More

10 Important Holocaust Books with Lessons for Today

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During World War II, the extermination of Jews was like nothing much of the world had seen before, a holocaust so awful it became known simply as The Holocaust. The world swore it would never happen again, and maybe for that reason it’s good that it’s also one of the most documented atrocities in human history with survivor stories and holocaust fiction spanning the decades since. Read More