Octavia E. Butler: Quotes on Writing

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Octavia E. Butler was an American science fiction writer born on 22nd June 1947, an only child. The loss of her father when she was 7 meant that Butler was raised by her mother and maternal grandmother in what she would go on to recall as a strict Baptist environment.

From an early age Butler suffered from crippling shyness making her awkward, as a result she passed her time reading at the Pasadena Central Library, and writing realms and realms of pages in her ‘big pink notebook’. It will come as no surprise to her fans to learn that she quickly evolved from reading fairy tales to reading science fiction magazines. Read More

10 Great Salman Rushdie Quotes

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The British Indian novelist and essayist, Sir Salman Rushdie, was born on the 19th of June in 1947

He won the Booker Prize in 1981 with his second novel, Midnight’s Children, which was said to be “the best novel of all winners”. Generally his fiction is set on the Indian subcontinent and combines historical fiction and magical realism.

His fourth novel, The Satanic Verses was published in 1988 and was the subject of a major controversy in Muslim societies. Many Muslims protested the book and death threats were made against Rushdie.

His works remain as popular, and as controversial, today and we cannot deny his quotes have depth and wisdom to them.  Read More

15 Quotes from the Witty Dorothy L. Sayers.

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Dorothy L. Sayers (13th of June 1893 to 17th of December 1957) was an English playwright, crime fiction writer, and poet. She is famous for her series of mystery novels set between the two world wars featuring Lord Peter Wimsey, an amateur sleuth/aristocrat.

Her wisdom and way with words also awarded her a place in advertising. The famous Guinness brand hired her for their promotions in the 20th century. Sayers’ jingle was added to the bottom of the now-famous Guinness toucan advertisement.


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10 Anne Frank Quotes to Fill You With Hope

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Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt on 12th June 1929 and is one of the most discussed victims of the Holocaust after gaining fame posthumously for the diary she kept while hiding from the Nazis. And it’s this diary that makes 12th June even more significant because it was also the day on her 13th birthday when she received a diary to write in. Read More

8 of Our Favourite Orhan Pamuk Quotes

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Orhan Pamuk is a Turkish novelist, screenwriter and academic, who has sold more than thirteen million books in sixty-three languages. Born in Istanbul on 7th June 1952 he is Turkey’s most prominent novelists and was recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006 and many other literary awards too.

Pamuk grew up in a wealthy but declining upper-class family, a story he tells thoroughly in his personal memoir Istanbul (USUK), but he is best known for his novels My Name is Red, Snow, The Museum of Innocence and others. Read More

10 Patrick Rothfuss Quote from the Kingkiller Chronicles

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Patrick Rothfuss is an American author known for his epic fantasy, namely the Kingkiller Chronicles. Born on 6th June 1973, in Madison, Wisconsin his first foray into writing would come with his contribution to the Campus paper at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point before going on to become a teacher, returning to the same university.

In 2007 the first novel in the Kingkiller Chronicles, The Name of the Wind was published, the second book, The Wiseman’s fear followed in 2011 and a companion novel The Slow Regard of Silent Things followed in 2014. Read More

10 Ken Follett Quotes from the Giant of History

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Born in Cardiff, Wales on 5th June 1949, Ken Follett is the author of many thrillers and historical novels having sold more then 150 million copies of his works. Many of these works have reached number 1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List including the Century Trilogy, the historical WWI novels comprising Fall of Giants, Winter of the World, and Edge of Eternity, some of his best known works. Read More

14 Nayyirah Waheed Poems to Stir Your Soul

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Nayyirah Waheed is an African-American poet and author with two published books under her belt. She treasures her privacy so not a lot is known about her personal life except what we can see in her poetry.

Nayyirah is known as one of the most famous and loved poets on Instagram with over 250,000 followers reading her art every day.

Her poetry surrounds issues of identity and race, love, emotion, and feminism. Her brevity of language and use of punctuation and lowercase letters, encourages the reader to examine the depth of her meaning. It captivates each reader through beauty, pain, and spirit.

I hope you enjoy these selected poems, and are inspired to explore her work further.

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7 Scandalous Sayings from Dame Barbara Cartland

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The English romance novelist, Dame Barbara Cartland, was born on the 9th of July in 1901 and died on the 21st of May 2000.

She was a prolific best-selling author and one of the most successful of the 20th century. She wrote 723 novels all of which were translated into around 38 languages, and in 1976 was entered in the Guinness World Records for the most novels published in that single year.

Cartland was a self-professed “expert on romance”, however as she became more conservative in her later years this became a focus for ridicule. Barbara’s first novels were considered shocking and risqué however her later books were relatively tame, often involving virginal heroines and were lacking in saucy situations.

Her popularity never wained, though, and she will always be known as the Dame of romantic fiction.

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Shakespeare’s Sonnets to Soothe the Soul

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William Shakespeare: the wordsmith; the romantic; the artist.

He certainly has a way with words and his sonnets remain some of his most popular work to date. Shakespeare’s sonnets were first published on the 20th of May in 1609, perhaps illicitly, by the publisher Thomas Thorpe of London.

We have chosen a small selection of his works to share with you today…

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