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FRA Exclusive: The Detriment, first extract

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Scotland Yard detective turned crime writer David Videcette wrote a cracking debut crime novel with The Theseus Paradox and if you’re a hard boiled crime fan, it’s not one to be missed. Videcette worked with the terrorist squad during his time with the police and for obvious reasons couldn’t go on to tell his story, but he did bring us this fantastic crime novel with the tag line “I can’t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story”. Read More

Listen to a Recording of J.R.R. Tolkien Reading the Lord of the Rings

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If you spend more time thinking about Middle-Earth than you do thinking about the real world then you’ll want to listen to these old recordings of Mr. Tolkien himself reading from The Lord of the Rings. We may never get to attend a reading by Tolkien, but these audio files are the next best thing. Read More

Scarlett Johansson Reads the Bible – Sexily

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With the Admin of For Reading Addicts being predominantly female it is inevitable that we share the occasional mind candy gentleman reading to us in a velvety voice that makes us go weak at the knees and turn into giggly teenagers for the duration of the reading but what about our gentlemen followers, or our lady followers that prefer their mind candy to be of the feminine persuasion? Read More

Literary Advent Calendar: Christmas in Wales

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With just a few days to go now until Christmas Day we’re almost at the end of our literary advent calendar and we hope you’ve enjoyed all the excerpts, quotes and poems. Every day of advent we’ve been snipping festive literary extracts and poems for you, and today we’re in Wales with Dylan Thomas.

A long extract today from A Child’s Christmas in Wales. If this doesn’t leave you feeling all festive, we’re not sure what will! Read More

A Christmas Carol Read by Neil Gaiman

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Did you know that Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol was originally organised in five stanza-like sections called “staves.” with the only copy of the novel in its original format being kept at the New York Public Library. This original work is known as a ‘prompt’ copy and is Dickens’s own annotated version which is used for live readings of the classical tale of a Christmas grump who is taught the error of his ways by several ghostly visitors throughout the night of Christmas eve. Read More