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Extract of Dan Brown’s Origin Released Before Publication

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It’s just a couple of weeks now until the publication of Origin, a new Robert Langdon story from Dan Brown and ahead of the event, publishers Transworld have released an extract from the novel, allowing readers a sneak peek!

The extract reveal was hosted on dead good books and we’ve borrowed it to publish below for you. The excerpt includes the prologue and a peek at chapter 1, picking up the story from the previous books. Read More

John Green Reads the First Chapter of Turtles All the Way Down

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In June we brought you the news that John Green is releasing a new novel and Turtles all the Way down releases on October 10th. Fans of the author, whose past releases include The Stars in Our Eyes and Looking for Alaska, have responded enthusiastically about the release. If you can hardly wait until October then this week John Green has read the first chapter on his You Tube channel.

John Green is an enthusiastic You Tuber, and a big reading advocate. His channel is a varied explosion of creativity, books, literature and life and fans of the author should probably subscribe. Read More

When Authors Go To War: Dr Seuss’s Lesser Known Works

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When authors and historians get heavily involved in political debate, it’s often a sign the world is in trouble! We’ve talked about liberal authors and fascism before but today we are featuring Dr Seuss and his little known work as a political cartoonist during World War II.

Seuss created the cartoons for liberal New York Magazine PM and in them denounced Hitler and Mussolini and was highly critical of those who opposed US intervention during the war. He didn’t hold back in these views, deploring the racism against blacks and Jews at home and launching frequent attacks on Congress. Read More

FRA Exclusive: The Detriment, first extract

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Scotland Yard detective turned crime writer David Videcette wrote a cracking debut crime novel with The Theseus Paradox and if you’re a hard boiled crime fan, it’s not one to be missed. Videcette worked with the terrorist squad during his time with the police and for obvious reasons couldn’t go on to tell his story, but he did bring us this fantastic crime novel with the tag line “I can’t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story”. Read More

Scarlett Johansson Reads the Bible – Sexily

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With the Admin of For Reading Addicts being predominantly female it is inevitable that we share the occasional mind candy gentleman reading to us in a velvety voice that makes us go weak at the knees and turn into giggly teenagers for the duration of the reading but what about our gentlemen followers, or our lady followers that prefer their mind candy to be of the feminine persuasion? Read More