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Microsoft’s eBook Store to Close, Taking Your Books With It

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While you’re bragging about how many eBooks you own, a move from Microsoft may serve as a stark reminder that you don’t own anything that isn’t physical. Because this week, Microsoft’s eBook store has announced that they are closing and they are taking all the books with it!

To soften the blow to readers Microsoft has promised to refund customers who bought books through the store, but the story shows that while eBook users may think they own the books they buy, that isn’t true at all in fact they are just buying access to the book. This fact is quite painful to consider when you think that eBooks can often cost almost as much as their physical counterparts and leaves the entire industry with a big question mark over it.
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David Tennant to Narrate War of the Worlds in Special Audio Collection

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A new special audio collection is coming next month on Audible showcasing H. G Wells most celebrated writing. Five of the author’s works are being released as a special audio collection and will feature voices such as David Tennant, Sophie Okonedo, Hugh Bonneville and Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs.

The collection will be released on 11th April and include The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, and The Island of Doctor Moreau, some of Wells’ best known works.

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Audiobooks Now Fastest Growing Publishing Format

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According to figures from Nielsen BookScan, audiobooks are now the fastest growing publishing format with 13% growth on sales in 2018. The figures were released at the London Book Fair’s Quantam Conference and said the audiobook boom is continuing with sales up 13% since 2017 and 97% since 2014!

Audiobooks now account for 5% of all book sales and have doubled their share of fiction sales in the last year. Forty percent of audio sales are through subscription models such as Audible and men are the biggest consumers of audiobooks.
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Eddie Izzard Has Recorded an Audiobook of Charles Dickens’ ‘Great Expectations,’ Despite the Fact He’s Dyslexic.

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The famed British comedian and actor, Eddie Izzard, recently discovered that he shared the same birthday as the famed novelist Charles Dickens, though the two artists are separated by 150 years. Despite the fact that Izzard struggles with dyslexia, he has recorded an audiobook of Great Expectations and it’s set to be available to download and listen to on June 28 for only 99p on Amazon. Read More

Investigation Into Illegal Workers Making Kindles in China

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Amazon and its factories and distribution centres have previously come under fire for the way they treat staff, just last week we heard a story about how many ambulances have been called to distribution centres and staff woes and mistreatment has been an ongoing issue.

Now an investigation has brought to light that agency workers making the Amazon’s Echo Smart Speakers and Kindles in China have been hired and paid illegally!
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Google’s ‘Talk to Books’ Search Engine Brings You Answers from over 100,000 Books

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A quick Google search can bring you answers in a matter of moments. Need the recipe for a Shepard’s Pie? No problem. Want to know where the cheapest hotels are in Italy? Here’s a list. The internet has brought endless knowledge to our fingertips, and now a new search engine has been created which can help answer questions that don’t have a definitive answer.

During a TED talk yesterday. author and computer scientist Ray Kurzweil introduced a new search engine called ‘Talk to Books‘, a tool which scans over 100,000 volumes in Google Books and brings users insightful and interesting answers from relevant titles. Read More

Research Shows Children Prefer to Read on Paper Rather Than Screens

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It is often thought that, in this digital age of ever advancing technology, children are far more likely to read a book on their tablet screen rather than read from a physical book made of paper. However, recent research has shown that this may not be true.

A study that monitored the reading habits of children in Year 4 and 6, all of whom had access to eReaders such as Kindles and iPads, found that the children tended not to use those devices when it came to reading. In fact, even children who read daily seemed to prefer physical books over digital ones. Read More

Audiobooks on… Vinyl?

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Author Joe Hill (Strange Weather), has always had a hankering for the rock star life but the life of an author is far from rock and roll. Instead Hill has decided to come up with some other way of creating his own vinyl LP- by recording an audiobook instead of an album!

The vinyl recording will be narrated by actor Nate Corddry, and will feature a special cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses,” recorded specifically for the record. The Dark Carousel vinyl package will include original artwork (see below), two colourful special edition records, and a full-length download of the audiobook.

The first vinyl printing of Hill’s Dark Carousel will be for a limited 2,500 copies, and will be out on the 20th of April.

Keep an eye out here at For Reading Addicts for where to pre-order yours.

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Actually, Men Read a LOT of Erotic Fiction too!

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On a week when Fifty Shades Freed is smashing box office expectations, we’re hearing a lot of about bored housewives, and women’s penchant for erotic fiction. We’re not sure why it’s acceptable for men to watch porn, but women are castigated for reading erotica, but that aside it seems that that isn’t even the case as it turns out that men read a lot of erotic fiction too! Read More