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Copyright Reform in Australia Could Bring Millions of Books to the Blind

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A new bill proposed earlier this week in Australia’s parliament could make it much easier for people with disabilities to get access to copyrighted literature. The Copyright Amendment (Disability Access and other Measures) Bill was proposed on Wednesday and, if passed, will make it much easier for people to get copyrighted material in formats such as braille, large print, and DAISY audio. Read More

My Love Affair with Audio Books

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I’ve always been a bookworm, right from when I could first read I have never been without a book, but audio books were never really my thing until my children were little and I used Roald Dahl stories on long car journeys to keep them entertained.

This was as much for my sanity as theirs. I’ve always loved his books so using him to drown out the sibling bickering was no hardship for me.  Fantastic Mr Fox and Danny Champion of the World were their favourites and I was glad to see that they are still available to buy today (USUK). Read More

Match The Movie To The Book It Was Based On!

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Some of the world’s most famous movies were originally written as books- from romantic flicks to children’s adventures. It seems authors have helped the movie world immensely. There are obvious favourites such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962) by Ken Kesey, or The Green Mile (1996) by Stephen King. There have been also been countless editions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1862) by Lewis Carrol. Charles Dickens’ newspaper serial Oliver Twist, or The Parish Boy’s Progress (1837-1839), has been used time and again for stage and screen. Also noteworthy are lesser-known stories such as a BBC mini-series (2013) adapted from Philippa Gregory’s The White Queen. Read More

Survey Finds Children Prefer Print Books

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While it’s thought that young people are usually the first to embrace technology, a survey by BookTrust, in conjunction with the Open University has shown that children prefer print books both for reading for pleasure and education. If when eBooks launched people imagined a general of technological readers then they couldn’t be more wrong, as it seems that digital devices just don’t offer the same feeling as lap reading with a book.

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Kindle Voyage – A Review

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One trick pony?
I am a confirmed e-reader, having given up paper books many, many moons ago. I love being able to carry my entire library around with me and I certainly don’t miss the smell or feel of paper. My first Kindle was a Kindle Keyboard (3rd generation), bought around about five years ago and I loved it. I moved on to tablet-based e-reading (Kindle for Android) and eventually ditched the KK altogether about a year or two ago. I have become a little dissatisfied with tablet e-reading however; my Galaxy Tab’s battery life is OK, I suppose, but any sort of intensive use drains it so that a recharge during the day becomes inconveniently necessary. The Tablet also holds many distractions and my reading rate and volume has dropped off significantly and the difficulty of reading on a tablet in full sunlight is also well documented.

So, I picked my KK up again and instantly fell back in love with the Kindle experience. I did feel the need to upgrade, however, and decided on a whim to treat myself to a new Kindle. Read More