Amazon’s the Lord of the Rings Series Will Reportedly Follow a Young Aragorn

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Late last year, it was announced that Amazon has purchased the television rights to create a TV series based upon J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The news caused a great deal of excitement among fans and we were eager to see what aspect of the War of the Ring the series will focus on, and whether or not it will tie in to Peter Jackson’s excellent film adaptations.
Since the announcement, it has been revealed that Amazon spent a quarter of a billion dollars for the rights alone, and that’s not considering how much it will cost to create the series itself. There have also been reports that Peter Jackson has been in talks with the company about being involved the ambitious show. Read More

The Garrison, a Peaky Blinders Themed Hotel, Is Opening in Birmingham

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It was recently announced that the British TV show Peaky Blinders will be getting three more seasons before it ends with the onset of World War II. The show is inspired by a real gang called the Peaky Blinders which was one of many found in Birmingham following the end of the Great War. The show received critical acclaim upon its debut and has since become one of the most-watched shows currently on air.

The last season ended in December of last year and season 5 is set to air sometime next year. If you can’t bear to wait that long then hopefully a stay at The Garrison, a Peaky Blinders themed hotel in Birmingham, will help tide you over. Read More

Naomi Alderman and Juno Dawson to Author Two New Doctor Who Books

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We’ve already had one new Doctor Who book this year, a collection of short stories written only by women released on International Woman’s Day. The release was to celebrate the first female Doctor as Jodie Whittaker stepped into the role.

Now today we hear the news that there are two new Doctor Who stories coming later this year and female authors are again the flavour of the day. However, we’re in for a real treat this time as the two new stories are written by award winning Naomi Alderman (The Power), and Juno Dawson.
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Bedtime Stories with Elton John

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Elton John is an English singer, pianist and composer, although these days he’s retired from touring and is more likely to be found playing dad to his two children with his husband David Furnish. Maybe it’s this that has him wanting to read bedtime stories as it’s just been announced that he’ll be one of the celebrity readers on CBeebies Book at Bedtime next week. Read More

The Great American Read Coming to PBS

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If there’s one thing I’m sure we can all agree it’s that there aren’t enough books on the television, but all that is about to change with several bookish shows lined up this year. Just a few weeks ago we brought you the news that Zoe Ball is to front a television bookclub in the UK and now it’s announced that an eight part series ‘The Great American Read’ is to air on PBS. Read More

Neil Gaiman vs Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

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If you follow Neil Gaiman on Twitter you may have noticed he is a fan of the tv show The Big Bang Theory. The hit sitcom has graced our screens since 2007 thanks to its comedy writer duo Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. It stars an awkward group of academical guys, including one Sheldon Cooper.

Sheldon’s particular nature often causes friction between him and another, and no one is safe from his unflinching honesty, not even an award-winning author. In an up-coming episode, The Comet Polarization, Neil Gaiman visits Sheldon’s favourite comic book store, and causes a stir, sparks inevitably fly.

The show will air on Thursday the 19th of April (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.

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Is Terry Pratchett’s Discworld coming to our televisions?

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There has been much speculation over the years over whether Terry Pratchett’s Discworld will be heading to our TV screens.

Pratchett’s books have been adapted to film many times since the 1990s; noteably the late, great Christopher Lee starred as Death in both Soul Music (1997) and Wyrd Sisters (1998). Fan-made movie versions of Mort (2001) and Lords and Ladies (2005) showed how Discworld fanatics were not done with it yet, and in 2006 a £6 million version of The Hogfather was adapted into a made-for-TV movie by Sky 1. Hogfather starred David Jason in the role of Albert, and features Terry Pratchett in a brief cameo role as the Toymaker.

Pratchett appeared in two subsequent adaptations- The Colour of Magic (2008) and Going Postal (2010)- playing an astrozoologist and postman respectively.

The question on everyone’s lips since Terry’s death in 2015 is “Will the Discworld grace our screens again?”

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Stephen King’s ‘The Bone Church’ is Coming to Television

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Exciting news for Stephen King fans!

The Bone Church is a narrative poem written by King in the 1960s. It was later revised and published as part of the anthology, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. In the poem an adventurer organises an expedition through the jungle to find the ‘Bone Church’. What they discover is a secret that was never meant to be seen… The tale is narrated by one of the survivors, who exchanges stories for a drink at the bar.

Chris Long and David Ayer’s Cedar Park Entertainment is in charge of producing Stephen King’s The Bone Church for television.

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