New Roots Television Adaptation Airs to Critical Acclaim

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When Alex Haley’s Roots was first turned into a television series in 1977 it was a phenomenon, the series finale still rates as the second highest rated episode for any US television drama. And so, is there any need for a remake?

Well, clearly somebody thought so and right now on BBC4, and available on the iPlayer is a brand new adaptation of the Alex Haley family saga and it’s receiving as much acclaim as the original series!

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Pratchett’s Alzheimers Struggles to be Shown in BBC Docudrama

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The BBC will air a docudrama on February 11th featuring Terry Pratchett and the autobiography he didn’t finish.

The prolific author, who sold 85 million books in his lifetime, translated into 37 languages, was attempting to complete his autobiography but was struggling to complete the work in a haze of Alzheimers and now it’s been turned into a docudrama, which is likely to be both enjoyable and heartbreaking for fans. Read More

First Teaser Trailer for Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why

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Plus all the news and a release date!

It seems like forever since Universal bought the rights to the adaptation of Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why. The rights were purchased in 2011 and it was originally announced that Selena Gomez would play the lead, Hannah Baker. Now finally the all the gossip is coming to fruition as we have news of the adaptation, the stars, a first teaser and a release date!

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Tom Hardy Back for More Bedtime Stories

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Over Christmas we brought you the news that Tom Hardy would be reading the New Year bedtime story on the BBC children’s channel CBeebies. The actor was accompanied by his dog, Woodstock and the story went down a storm with both mothers and children.

It’s little wonder the show caused such a furore, Hardy is quite the hit with the ladies and it seems the cuteness overload of Tom and his dog reading bedtime stories was just too much for some of you. Read More

New Cameo Awards To Celebrate Books that Inspire TV and Film

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With the revolution in television and streaming there have never been quite so many book to movie and book to television adaptation, and we book lovers couldn’t be happier. Now London Book & Screen Week is combining forces with the UK Publishers Association to launch an award for books that have inspired television series, films, games and theatre. Read More

Netflix, A Series of Unfortunate Events: My Review

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I was in middle school when the Series of Unfortunate Events books became popular and I can clearly recall my English teacher recommending the books to my class, I believe he even read a chapter to us before the end of the lesson. The books quickly became popular amongst the other children but I must admit that, whilst they certainly seemed good, I never got around to reading them. I did manage to catch the 2004 film adaptation starring Jim Carrey but that’s about as far as my knowledge of the books goes. I was intrigued when Netflix announced it would be adapting the show, even more so when it was announced the actor Neil Patrick Harris would be taking on the role of the devious antagonist Count Olaf. Read More

Michael Rosen Adaptation Makes Christmas Magical

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If you missed it with the rush over the festive season, Channel 4 in the UK produced an adaptation of Michael Rosen’s classic children’s book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. The maker’s of The Snowman and the Snowdog, a Christmas classic, produced the adaptation and thankfully it’s available on catch up for those who missed it! Read More