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Your Stunning Literary Tattoos.

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Tattoos are a huge part of our culture now, and everyone from your doctor to your grandmother can get themselves inked. They are no longer a sign of a bad-boy type, nor do they stand in the way of someone getting that high-powered job they are after. Even our very own Reading Addicts have had themselves permanently adorned with pictures and quotes inspired by their favourite books and authors.

A while back we featured a picture of one of the best character-inspired tattoos we have ever seen. It prompted many of you to tell us about ones you had seen, and even ones you had had done yourself.

We asked you to send an email to with pictures of your very own literary tattoos, and you did not disappoint!

Here are your stunning tattoos inspired by your favourite books…

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Check out These 10 Awesome Game of Thrones Tattoos While You Wait for the New Season

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Season seven of Game of Thrones is right around the corner and we can’t believe we still have to wait a few days before we can finally catch up with Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon Snow, and the gang. With the end of the show in sight, it looks like this season will be even more epic than ever and we just can’t wait until Sunday! To help make the wait more bearable, check out these ten awesome Game of Thrones-themed tattoos. Read More

10 Reasons Dogs Make the Best Reading Buddies

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Every reading addict knows that the only thing better than a good book is a good book and a dog at your feet! Dogs make the perfect reading companions, not least because they never interrupt, and are often happy to be read aloud to.

Whether you have a little ‘Scrappy Do’, or a big galumphing ‘Hooch’, I’d bet that when you’re reading, he or she is by your side. As you may have guessed I’m a dog lover, I’ve had two dogs for years, and losing one earlier this year was so hard, I found it difficult to read without her. Read More

Best of World Book Day (UK) 2016

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3rd March, World Book Day (UK)

I genuinely had no idea that the UK and US had separate days for World Book Day! We’ll try and remember you in April, America but for today we have just celebrated World Book Day in the UK and Ireland at least. Thanks to everyone who sent me photos or both your own dressing up endeavours and the children’s. I’ve selected a few of my favourites to feature in this blog! Read More

10 Best Reader Submissions of 2015

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One of the most popular features of our Facebook page is our user submissions albums and of those, it’s the Reader Pics you love the most! We’ve had hundreds submitted in the last year, all of which have featured on our page and it’s likely that if you follow us, you’ll have seen many of them.

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Best Literary Tattoos of 2015

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As members of our Facebook page will know, we love receiving your literary inspired photos and our literary tats feature is one of the most popular we’ve ever run! We’ve had hundreds of photos submitted this year, and this week I went through them, picked out your favourites to feature in this best of feature.

All pictures are credited with the original submit details, thanks to all who submit their pictures. Here are the best literary tattoos of 2015:

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29 Brilliant Literary Tattoos

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I posted a picture a few days ago of a literary tattoo, prompting many of you to share your own creations! So many of you sent in pictures that I put out a shout out for some more and now we have a pretty impressive collection. If you’re thinking of getting a literary tattoo yourself, let these be some inspiration to you!

Just as an aside I don’t have any tattoos myself, although I always promised myself that if I ever became a published author I’d have a semi-colon tattooed on my middle toe. There’s still time, right?
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