1,000 Books for Syrian Refugees

Books now in Greece thanks to the BT Muslim Network

The BT Muslim Network in the UK has donated 1,000 books for Syrian Refugees in conjunction with The Schoolbox Project, which helps to provide educational supplies for child refugees.

Stability and access to education is so important for refugees but can so often be forgotten as the essentials are catered for.

The plight of the refugees stuck in Greece from where they have largely been refused entry into the rest of Europe is well documented, as are Greece’s financial struggles. The shortfalls have meant that child refugees in Greece have a shortage of educational books written in Arabic, a shortfall that has now been met by BT’s Muslim Network.

Much is heard of the negative aspects of religion, but this campaign, mainly bolstered by Muslims making annual Ramadan donations has shown how religious groups can come together and help those in need.

Imran Patel, chairman of the BT Muslim network spearheaded the campaign and even got to deliver some of the books in person. Once the initiative was taken, a call was put out for the books and donations totalled more than 1,000 educational books, all written in Arabic, allowing these children to continue in their education despite being displaced.

The books were delivered to two schools in Piraeus, Greece where a big shortfall in books has occurred, and we think it’s fantastic news! The children were said to be thrilled with the new delivery, and we think anything that means more books for education is to be celebrated!

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