Anti-LGBT children’s book banned from Amazon

LGBT advocates have banned a children’s book from Amazon!

Censorship is a topic we do not shy away from here at For Reading Addicts, and everyone in our community has an opinion on it. It has been quite a black and white issue for most readers- either they want all books to be published and none to be banned- or they feel it is fine to ban some topics (depending on their own political/moral leanings).

Either way it causes some discussion among book clubs and literary groups alike.

One such group is Family Rhetoric on Facebook, run by Amber Leventry- an LGBTQ advocate- who was disturbed by a title while looking for children’s books on Amazon. Amber discovered a children’s book that horrified her so much that it had to be shared with her followers on Facebook, and drove them to report the title en-masse in hopes of banning it from the major book distributer.

The blurb for the book said: “NO DRESS FOR TIMMY is an exciting story of a Christian boy who stands up for what he knows to be true – George will always be a boy. It is a modern story that confronts the challenges faced by children at a time when transgender ideas are taught to the most vulnerable children in elementary schools.” 

Amber and the group were worried that the book’s message would harm children who are LGBTQ. They decided to report the book for inappropriate content and within a few hours the book was gone.

What are your thoughts, Reading Addicts? Would you have reported the book, or allowed it to be for the sake of ‘free speech’?

When is a book’s content too hateful to publish? Or should all views, no matter how we feel about them, be available to read?

Florida Looks to Pass Bill That Would Make Banning Books Easier

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Some lawmakers in Florida are working to pass a bill that would make banning certain books in Florida public schools easier. Florida representative Mark Hill filed HB55 back in February, a motion for a bill that would make censorship and book banning in schools easier and put the careers of those who make those books readily available in jeopardy.

Rep Hill says he believes the bill is essential for protecting children from inappropriate content in the school environment. “To remove pornography out of our public schools. It doesn’t need to be there,” said Rep. Hill.
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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Finally has a Release Date

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When the Harry Potter illustrated series by Jim Kay was first announced we were promised a book a year, making buying Christmas presents very easy! However, when it came to the Autumn of 2018 it was announced that there would be no Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated in time for Christmas.

Rumour was that Jim Kay was struggling to finish in time, given the length of the later books. If true it’s not great news as it means that it’s likely to be an ongoing problem as the books get longer.

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Man Vs Baby: ‘I’d rather my child watched horror than read fairytales’.

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Man Vs Baby is a parenting blog run by Matt Coyne, a Sunday Times bestselling author and all-round snarky dad. What started as a hilariously honest Facebook post describing his experiences as a first-time father, his popularity quickly grew and so did his comedic observations.

Writing “from the front-line of parenting”, Matt covers topics such as supporting breastfeeding, whose turn is it to change a dirty nappy/diaper, and the absolute tosh that is In the Night Garden, with great humour.

In one of his latest posts Man Vs Baby explains his love for books at bedtime- especially The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson- but also his reticence at introducing his son to traditional fairytales that seem to be full of murder, mutilation, kidnap, and assault… We will let Matt explain in his own words below…

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Exciting fundraiser for new LGBT fairytale: Raven Wild

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Raven Wild is the latest offering from the authors of Promised Land and Maiden Voyage.

The New Zealand based creative team Chaz Harris and Adam Reynolds have teamed up with trans author Caitlin Spice for this latest in inclusive and representative fairytales for all.

The creators of LGBTQ+ children’s books Promised Land and Maiden Voyage have today officially launched a new fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for a third book featuring a transgender lead character.

Beginning today, on the first day of Wellington Pride and International Women’s Day 2019, the authors hope to raise $40,000NZD on Kickstarter- enough to cover the cost of illustrations and printing. Once the first editions are hot off the press, they will be ready to fundraise enough to supply a major Canadian bookstore who have expressed serious interest in the new fairytale.

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Research Says Mr Greedy as Complex as Of Mice and Men

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Research by Renaissance UK has found that Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Greedy is only slightly easier to read than John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. The children’s book, alongside other Mr Men favourites has been declared harder to read than Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox.

All the books were rated by Renaissance UK, which analysis text complexity. Of the books rated, Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, first published in 1726 was rated the hardest to read on the complexity scale. Renaissance UK examined more than 33,000 books for children and young adults, scanning each page and taking into consideration things like sentence length, average word length, and the difficulty level of each word.
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Teacher Reads Books Every Night on Facebook to Make Sure Students Have a Bedtime Story

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Reading to your child before bed is a great way to help foster a lifelong love of reading, as well as helping to improve literacy skills. With this in mind, Dr. Belinda George, a Principal at Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont, in Southeast Texas, has started reading bedtime stories to her students over Facebook Live.

As The Washington Post reports, George gets into her pajamas at 7:30 on Tuesdays and then opens Facebook Live in order to read her students a bedtime story. She calls it ‘Tucked-in Tuesdays’ and anyone who visits the schools Facebook page can tune in. The stories have proven to be quite a hit and Dr. George has received great feedback from her pupils.  “Kids will come up to me Wednesday and say, ‘Dr. George, I saw you in your PJs reading!,” she said. “They’ll tell me their favorite part of the book.” Students enjoy her reading and funny voices, and often ask where they can find the book in the library.

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  • Troy says:

    Hi…I would have to say this sort of behavior is not brave or positive…It’s very Orwellian. A difference of opinion does not qualify as “hate”. Free speech is free speech. This person is using immoral tactics to perpetuate her own subjective sense of morality under the vale of victim-hood and silencing opinions she doesn’t like because it contradicts / invalidates her worldview which just so happens to be on the far left. Censoring opinions or worldviews simply because they may offend one’s sensibilities is the first step to authoritarianism. The idea that you must accept and celebrate LGBTQ worldviews and that you must deny reality in order to be “tolerant” is the most dangerous type of groupthink.

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