Tom Hardy to Read us a Bedtime Story

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And make all our Christmas wishes come true!

The BBC announced today that tough guy actor Tom Hardy is to read the bedtime story on CBeebies this New Year’s Eve! Hardy is a dad of two and probably reads lots of bedtime stories but we best know him as the Kray Twins and Alfie from Peaky Blinders, playing tough violent criminals.

But he’s putting his tough act aside as he sits down in front of the country (and no doubt lots of mums watching with their kids) to read You Must Bring a Hat by Simon Phillip and Kate Hindley.

To add to his friendly appearance, he even brought his Labrador Woodstock along for the filming. The story is aimed at pre-school children and tells the tale of a little boy who is going to a party.

Tom follows a range of celebrities who have been involved in this series, including actor Damien Lewis and astronaut Tim Peake, and it’s promised that Tom will be back to read more stories in 2017.

This special New Year’s episode will be part of a selection of celebrity bedtime stories with readers including Justin Fletcher, Isla Fisher and Maureen Lipman. The CBeebies bedtime story is on the CBeebies channel every evening at 6:50pm.

(image via BBC)

The Room of Requirement Coming to Cardiff’s Historic Arcades

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Calling all Cardiffian Potterheads – Magic is coming to town! In the coming months, should you find yourself traipsing through the Castle Arcade, concentrating on something you require in particular, you might just be lucky enough to stumble upon the arcade’s newest addition. Relocating from Hogwarts’ seventh floor is the ‘Come and Go Room’ – and if you’re not a Hogwarts house-elf – better known as the ‘Room of Requirement’.

In the past, the room has served to fulfil many witches and wizards’ greatest needs. Dumbledore once stumbled upon the room with an especially full bladder, to find it full of chamber pots. Whilst it transformed into a broom cupboard for the mischievous Fred and George to hide from Filch. Lest not forget, the room fulfilled the requirements of Dumbledore’s Army, serving as their headquarters and practice area. For you, the room will transform into a shop, stocking everything Harry Potter (basically essentials for every doting fan). Read More

Roald Dahl’s Charlie Was Originally Written As A Black Character.

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In an interview with BBC Radio 4 last month, Roald Dahl’s widow, Liccy Dahl, revealed that the “…first Charlie that he wrote about was a little black boy. I don’t know (why it was changed). It’s a great pity.”

Dahl biographer, Donald Sturrock, told the Today Programme:

“I can tell you that it was his agent who thought it was a bad idea, when the book was first published, to have a black hero. She said people would ask: ‘Why?'”

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Are Celebrity Authors Ruining Literature?

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After the announcement of the World Book Day 2018 £1 titles, many authors have spoken out against the influx of celebrity authors. Interestingly, four out of the ten World Book Day £1 titles in 2018 are by celebrity authors.

In response to this news David Almond, author of Skellig, has stated that “the nation’s children are being shortchanged”.  Almond complained how “authors and illustrators are being scorned” by the list of television stars, reality show winners, and comedians.

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2018 World Book Day Books Announced

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The £1 books for World Book Day 2018 have been announced in what will be the 21st year for this prestigious event. The next World Book Day will take place on 1st March 2018, so save the date as we look at the books selected for next year’s event.

World Book Day often offers a range of books, all on offer for £1 with a World Book Day voucher, given away at schools. However, the usually diverse range is celebrity author heavy this year, leading many children’s authors to speak out about being crushed out of the genre by celebrity writers. Read More

David Walliams’ 10th Novel “Bad Dad” Ready for Festive Release

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If you have kids who are fans of David Walliams then we have something you might like to add to the Christmas list. This week it was announced that David Walliams is to release his tenth book, Bad Dad, in time for Christmas.

The heart-warming rags to riches story follows a boy trying to break his dad out of prison. Frank’s dad went to jail for driving the getaway car in a bank robbery but he wants to put the money back and so Frank and him hatch a daring plan to break out and restore the missing cash. Read More

Biff, Chip, And Kipper Shock Readers!

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We all have those moments as adults where our minds go to places it perhaps shouldn’t. Twitter user Ed Brody apparently had one of those moments when looking over a Biff, Chip, and Kipper story and saw “somewhat dubious scenes spotted in the background…”

The Oxford University Press insists the scene is taken out of context. The startled old woman was not in fact horrified by sexual activities occurring in the bushes.

Ed Brody’s tweet soon gathered attention. Before long other Twitter users were adding innuendos and awkward moments found in children’s books. These included an illustration of Hitler walking his dog, naked breasts in Where’s Wally, a priest watching children undress, and more.

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